Conservative Evangelicalism : Fake News, Fake Faith, Fake Emergencies

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Imagine being like Dorothy in the the Wizard of Oz, having traveled through such adversity only to discover that the Wizard was a full-fledged fake from the very beginning. There you are, standing with your hopes at their apex, only to witness a tiny dog pull back the curtains and reveal the trickery and sleight-of-hand that has long deceived you. Smoke, mirrors, fire plumes, and fake news from a fake god—lucky for her, it was just a dream.

Sadly, for many others, whose hearts and souls have been hijacked by the tractor beams of the conservative Evangelical Death Star, what we wish had only been a dream is, instead, a real life nightmare. History tells the tale, and our current realities as a nation sound the alarm, there truly has never been a greater deception cast upon the earth than the evil deceits of conservative Evangelicalism.

In fact, when your theology personifies God as a gaslighting drunk storming out of a bar who puts His beer-fisted arms around you one moment and then stabs you into hell with a broken bottle the next. When your god has a mouth drooling over with a narcissistic codependency, psychotically attached to the fear-driven praise and submission of people, don’t be surprised when, in that faith system, all kinds of abuse, debauchery, and evil abounds.

Truth be told, when you pull back the curtain, conservative Evangelicalism is the fake news press corps that threatens our nation and planet, misrepresenting and mischaracterizing the true God who is Love and whose true message is Grace. Yet sadly, conservative Evangelicalism and its system of belief have long been gutting God of Her goodness and humanity of its beauty, luring people into a life that is no life at all, a cure that is, in fact, the poison, and a faith that only makes you better at faking it. In fact, weaponizing the Scriptures with a leatherbound terrorism, conservative Evangelicalism is, by far, the most pressing evil being wielded upon the earth. For with a fake god proclaiming a fake gospel, you can spiritual justify anything.

Just look at all the lipstick that has to be put on the pig—that’s how you know it’s fake.

Where would conservative Evangelicalism be without elaborate stage lighting, sound systems, choreographed spirituality, programmed inspiration, membership covenants, million dollar facilities, slick branding, celebrity pastors, tattoos, skinny jeans, and Gucci glasses?

Where would conservative Evangelicalism be without a fake hell, fake separateness, fake transgressions, fake guilt, fake shame, fake inerrancy, fake solutions, fake issues, and fake urgencies?

In fact, you can know it’s all fake by how carefully conservative Evangelicalism chooses its sins and its emergencies.

That’s why, for them, being gay is a terrible sin, but gluttony is no big deal. That’s why they have no problem going to Pride events holding up signs that declare, “God hates fags,” but if there were people standing outside their church services with signs that admonished, “God hates fatsos,” all hell would break loose from their fits of rage.

It’s all fake.

That’s why, for them, it’s a deplorable sin to be transgender, but blatant racism gets a pass.

That’s why, for them, being bisexual is a demonic disease, but grabbing women’s pussies is an electable attribute for the presidency and the anointing of God-ordained leadership.

That’s why, for them, women exercising the right to have an abortion is a slam dunk abomination, but wealthy-parented, white-privileged young men who rape girls can be labeled as merely, “boys being boys.”

That’s why, for them, a white president who caters to conservative Evangelicalism can have a wife who modeled in nude racy photos be deemed as simply engaging in art, but a black president can’t have a wife wear a sleeveless dress without being declared as carnally provocative.

It’s all fake.

That’s why the victims of illegal immigration can be utilized to build a wall, but the victims of mass shootings aren’t utilized for gun control.

That’s why a transgender person using the bathroom of their true identity is deemed a crisis of epic proportions, but students hiding under desks, the sick rationing medications, minorities being discriminated, brown children kept in cages, and the vulnerable being discarded is of no big deal and easily solved through sending, “thoughts and prayers.”

Pull back the curtains of conservative Evangelicalism, and sadly, there’s next to nothing without all the fakery, just a puny Wizard on a power trip playing terrible tricks against humanity.

For at the end of the day, nearly nothing about conservative Evangelicalism truly works to heal the human heart, improve the human life, and reflect the true nature and mind of God. More so than not, it only serves to create narcissistic, spiritually addicted, privilege-enticed people who aren’t getting better, but only more bitter towards a world that is awakening to the true God who is Love, whose Gospel is Grace, and whose ways are equality, inclusion, and affirmation for all.

Fake news about God, fake faith in God, fake emergencies for God.

Wake up America, before it’s too late.  


Grace is brave. Be brave.  


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  1. Todd

    Pow! Right in the conservative Evangelical kisser! Thank you for calling it like it is, Chris!

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Todd, these are important times!

      • Todd

        Indeed! Keep shaking the tree brother. Maybe one day the crap will start falling off.

        Also go to my blog and there is a “subscribe” button at the top of the page.

  2. Patti D Haney

    Powerful stuff, my friend. Sadly this is the world we find ourselves in right now and I am proud to be a part of the community of truthspeakers. We may not be hugely popular at times, but we are authentic.
    Grace be with you.

    • ckratzer

      We must stick together, Patti! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. MarthaB

    Yes. Just yes.

  4. Chris Kinder

    I was once part of the white, conservative, evangelical crowd. I spoke lingo, I expected all converts to immediately adhere to rigid rules and be just like me. I voted the way I thought I had to, all the while wondering why.

    2016 changed it all for me. I pointed out the errency of believing in Trump, that he was a fraud and antithetical to the conservative leanings I held. I saw friends color, along with myself, ridiculed and called unChristian for daring to speak up. I saw tears in the eyes of very dear friends as the pastor use his position to claim that people who didn’t vote for Trump were not real believers. I was left bewildered, confused and hurt.

    My eyes began to open, to see what conservative evangelicalism had done to so many. I nearly gave up on faith, on the real God of love and grace. In the past few months, after wondering if I was alone in feeling this way, I found I was far from it.

    This essay is what I have felt in my heart for a while, and I am incredibly thankful to know that there are others who get it, who see the truth and who are willing to speak up.

    Thanks for this post!

    • ckratzer

      Chris, such an honor to connect with you. Your bravery is inspiring! Sure hope you will read my new book, Leatherbound Terrorism. You are not alone, let’s please stay connected. I’m on facebook!

    • Todd

      What a great comment! It is so refreshing to know I am not alone. 2016 was the year of change for me as well. Blessings!

    • Tony Cutty

      Superb, Chris. Well said”

  5. Jochen Jäger

    Never read such revealing and egdes words on the phenomenon of current main stream evangelicalism in the US. I’m from germany and am very frustrated in terms of blind- and numbness, which seems to have swept all over in the last years. And its still growing and darkening our witness to the living God of love. Thanks for your clearity, very encouraging indeed.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Jochen for reading and commenting!

  6. Rachel Handley

    It’s not Evangelicalism that is the problem. It’s Trump’s brand of Evangelicalism.

  7. shelty

    Remember the ten commandments, and you should live right. I guess you want to throw away a tradition that has been cellebrated for 2,000 years.

  8. Tony Cutty

    I’ve never been one to over-interpret the Revelation of John. But I do think that there are parallels in it that we see enacted in the history being made in these times.

    Put simply, I would posit that the Conservative Evangelical church is in many ways the false prophet, and there is the spirit of Antichrist in there too.

    I think these are the people of whom Paul says are ‘holding to the form of religion, but denying its real power’ (2Tim 3:5). Whitewashed tombs, looking great on the outside, but full of rot and stench on the inside.

    For those who have the eyes to see, it’s not that difficult to discern.

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