If White Conservative Evangelical Men Gave Birth, Instead Of Women

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Make no mistake, one of the most threatening realities to the white, male, heterosexual supremacy interwoven deep within conservative Evangelism is a woman with the power to choose with equal freedom and influence to that of a man, beginning with her own body all the way out into the full spectrum and experience of her life.

Simply connect the dots and there you will find, most white conservative Evangelical men only wage war against the things that threaten their power and privilege. If it matters to them, you can be sure it does so because it ultimately matters to their control and lordship over others.

The issue of abortion is no different.

For when has conservative Evangelicalism ever cared about life over and above the preservation of its own power and privilege? If history is my guide, I’m thinking, almost never.

In fact, white men, especially those of the right-wing conservative Christian persuasion, have long led the way in committing all kinds of barbaric acts of horror while applying every spiritual justification that can be contrived. In contrast, women are summoned to the task of following behind and falling in line as the “helpmate,” a title conveniently ascribed by the male writers of Scripture, of course.

It’s undeniable, in regards to white conservative Evangelical men, history tells the gruesome tale, many of them walking upon a moral ground that is shaky at best, if existent at all.

That’s why, if the tables were turned and white conservative Evangelical men gave birth instead of women, things would be dramatically different. So much, that even if abortion were declared by Jesus from the heavens to be a clear human atrocity and sin before God, many white conservative Evangelical men would surely find a way to not only label it an undeniable option, but to deem it a spiritually acceptable practice believed to be mandated in Scripture—if it served their power and privilege to do so. You know, like genocide, racism, lynchings, the pillaging of the American Indian, cages for refugees, the condemnation of the LGBTQ community, and horrific concentration camps for the enemy—to name a few. And yet, you want me to believe that you have the spiritual and moral integrity to discern and dictate the nature of abortion, its complexity, and its validity?

No way!

For how can you maintain power and privilege when there’s a chance you’ll be forced to die in the process of giving birth? No white conservative Evangelical man would tolerate such a sentence, but women should?

In fact, if white conservative Evangelical men were the primary caretakers for children known to be born with devastating, lifeless, hopeless, and excruciating conditions that surely required enormous responsibility and intervention, trust me, abortion would conveniently and quickly be deemed to be as benign as divorce papers. You know, like they are for those white conservative Evangelical men whose domestic needs aren’t being served with joyful submission, their sexual appetites aren’t being satisfied, or their wives refuse to become a “penis home.”

Make no mistake, if white conservative Evangelical men were forced to endure unwanted pregnancies through no choice of their own, trust me, abortion would be deemed a divinely authorized proclamation of emancipation from the devil’s scheme to place a stronghold upon the lives of God-fearing men who have become victims of female oppression. You know, like their justification of sexism, misogyny, discrimination, and the spiritual pass given to a President who brags about grabbing women’s pussies.

The world has long submitted to the nefarious rule, power, and choices of conservative Christian white men, and look at where we are. Our planet is dying, animals are becoming extinct at unprecedented rates, the poor become poorer, the elderly more vulnerable, the greedy more greedy, the minorities more discriminated, the marginalized more condemned—all at the feet of your spiritually justified leadership. And now, you have the hypocrisy to lecture and legislate the choices of women on behalf of their bodies, children, futures, and families while asserting a moral high ground?

You’ve gotta be kidding me!

White conservative Evangelical men, until your repentance is louder than your sin, you have no credible voice into the lives of women and their choices—period, full stop.

In fact, I find it interesting how many white conservative Christian men claim to be pro-life while at the same time they are certainly pro-choice about the Bible—determined to protect their freedom to use every interpretive knife they can contrive to abort countless people into hell, murder their souls with condemnation, and yank them out of the womb of God’s Grace, slicing and dicing them with sin-labels and discrimination–all while singing songs to Jesus with a self-righteous smirk on their face.

Sadly, it is becoming all too clear, you clearly know nothing about being a woman and giving birth. And apparently, you know very little about making Jesus-honoring choices and decisions on behalf of the life and lives of others.

For history reveals the sonogram of you heart and soul—more so than not, birthing nothing less than evil into the world.

Whether abortion is right, wrong, or something in between, this I surely know, God certainly isn’t using you to communicate Her will.

So, sit down.

Sit down now.

Jesus says so.


Grace is brave. Be brave.


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  1. elaine

    go chris go!!!! your voice of truth about the evangelical church is right on point. what one sees today is just plain scary and it’s no wonder people are opting out. I came back to my faith about 7 years ago because of Christ’s unconditional love and grace for Me. There is no judgement in Christ …your book is powerful!

    • ckratzer

      Thank you so much Elaine!

  2. Harry Meyer

    While I agree with you, I also know many white conservative females that are in the same camp as the males you address…my sister, for instance. How do you address them?

    • Connie J Beane

      Sadly, you can’t. All of the gentle, nonjudgmental discussion in the world probably won’t not suffice to clear her vision; reality generally has to slap her upside the head before she can see. The best you can do is to let her know, quietly and without rancor, where you stand, and refuse to engage in arguments. If you do this, and at some point she or someone she loves is faced with making this wrenching choice, you will have kept the lines of communication open so that she feels she can talk to you about it, if to no one else.

      • ckratzer

        Well said, Connie.

    • Kathleen Schwab

      As far as women within evangelicalism…I think you can’t separate their response to the abortion issue from their lives within the church. These women are constantly told that their perfectly logical pain and frustrations either don’t matter, or are selfish and sinful. But enter abortion – and now women are allowed and encouraged to feel their feelings. I personally think evangelical women identify with what they see as a powerless and abused small person, and they are angry and rise to its defense. I think it is a matter of projection for many of these women. They can’t admit that they feel powerless, abused, and miserable, and that a great injustice is happening to their personhood, so they project those feeling onto the idea of unborn babies. Until evangelical women become conscious of this dynamic, I don’t see this changing. The awakening can be very painful, especially for women who have spent years, even decades, in the church. It can be experienced as a profound betrayal and loss, and that is why so many simply cannot process it.

  3. Tony Cutty

    An excellent piece. I am just reading your book now, and it is amazing. So good; well done!

  4. Tony Cutty

    Can I ask for some wisdom from the OP and from other contributors.

    When we criticise the judgemental, their standard response is *always* [predictably] “Ah, but now you’re judging *me*!” It seems to be the privilege of the judgemental that, although they started it, still they think we are wrong to point out their judgementalism; that we are ourselves being judgemental in our pronouncements against their judgementalism.

    Talk about a no-win situation!

    So, how do we solve this conundrum? How do we tell these assholes what they are doing without ourselves being judgemental, or even giving them the excuse to say that we are being judgemental? Is it even possible?

    I’m 56 years old and I am still unaware of an answer.

    Maybe someone here can help…

    • ckratzer

      The difference is this: the Jesus of the oppressed is much different than the Jesus of the oppressor. The voice of the marginalized and condemned is merely pointing to their pain and the source of it, the oppressor is inflicting the pain. Big difference, in my opinion.

      • Tony Cutty

        Good point, and I agree. Not sure they would though! 😉 It pains me to talk about ‘us’ and ‘them’, but tbh it’s ‘them’ that set themselves aside as separate. ‘Come out from them, touch no unclean thing!’ and all that. I know you’ve been there, as have I… Blessings bro.

  5. Colleen Lee

    You have been blinded by your personal pain and hurt apparently. Your broad brush strokes that paint all white evangelical males may be applied to some, but they don’t include the hundreds of upstanding men, young and old, that I personally know. I’m sorry that you have decided to turn your back on the God who loves you and your fellow Christians who you have misrepresented in this article.

    • ckratzer

      Colleen, thanks for your comment. On several occasions in the article I indicate that I am not referring to all evangelicals, but my sense is that you already know that. Could you please explain as to how I am turning my back on God? Thanks.

      • Tony Cutty

        I don’t think she can explain it, nor will she even try. She’s simply reacting to what she sees as turning your back oon what *she* believes.

        Just about finished your book, btw. I’ve been blown away by it. Your path is different from mine, but we are both pointing in the same direction.

        My Grace moment came completely out of the Blue, when I and a number of the other people in my Church (including a couple of the elders!) suddenly realised it at the same time. We discussed it together and wondered how we could have been blind for so long…I then spent fifteen years – yes, fifteen years! – in a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ where I was detoxed from all the baggage overlaying the purity of Jesus. Five years ago this week, Father called me back into the things of God and since then it’s been Jesus all the way. Yeah! The freedom is immense! It’s funny, Evangelical Christians sing about this kind of freedom in songs like ‘Oceans’, but, for me at least, I never understood it until I experienced that freedom for myself.

        There may well be people reading Chris’s blogs who are so longing for that freedom for themselves. Well, it’s yours for the taking. The only thing you need to ‘do’ is to let go of your unwillingness to taste it. That unwillingness is not that you don’t want it, it’s that your’e maybe scared of the consequences. You are afraid for your friendships, your job maybe, your reputation in your church…well this is what Jesus was talking about when He said about losing family and friends to be His disciple. They well may reject you. But the freedom and lightness of heart is worth it. Jesus is worth it – the Real Person, not just some bloke that others have described to you. Take the leap. It’s worth it.

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