Progressives, You’d Better Get Your Shit Together

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We’re closer now to losing our democracy than ever before.

It’s clear, the majority of Trump supporters are determined to see their agenda for America come to fruition at all costs. In Trump, their long-brewing angers, hates, fears, lusts, prejudices, and desires have been rallied to the surface and released from their cages. For many conservative Evangelicals, not even the core tenets of their faith give them pause nor restraint. Seemingly, nothing else matters but their acquisition of increased power and dominion.  

This is the empire-building mentality of white, male-driven Christianity that, throughout history, has turned love into hate, faith into fear, the Bible into an idol, church into big business, humans into slaves, women into objects, minorities into mules, the different into devils, sacrifice into selfishness, equality into privilege, the Gospel into a commodity, and the Christian life into the self-centered, spiritual ego trip of the privileged. 

Yet, this lust for Empire is not a phenomenon intrinsic only to conservative Christians. Sadly, progressives are equally susceptible to its allures. Among democrats and progressives, the very same willingness to suspend truth, integrity, morality, and goodness in the pursuit of gain is not uncommon. With a sure capacity for viciousness, progressives of all types have been willing to eat their own and sabotage those who would obstruct their path. Sadly, personal gain, personal empires, personal platforms, and personal agendas have often been placed above integrity, decency, and the common good. 

This is the progressive, spiritually immature, divisive, bitchy pettiness that Trump is counting on from within democrats and progressives alike to further exploit America and win the 2020 election. We’ve self-imploded before, and I fear we’re doing it again. Like the whiney mother who refuses to lead the Christmas play unless her child gets the part of Mary, some progressives are already declaring that if their candidate doesn’t win the democratic nomination, they’ll vote for Trump or not at all. 

Progressives, you’d better get your shit together.

Sure, we can respectfully debate who has the most probability to defeat Trump. Sure, we can compare and contrast the candidates as to who best supports our personal preferences. Sure, we can converse vigorously about the ills of our two-party political system. However, in the urgency of this hour, there is no more time for infighting, backstabbing, smearing, or personal power grabs. Not from individuals, not from candidates, not from social media platforms, and not from news outlets. If your primary focus isn’t to remove Trump from the Presidency through the election of the candidate who wins the democratic ticket, you are the problem and the blood of our dying democracy will be on your hands.

To be sure, those whose political affinities fall outside of white, male-driven Christian conservatism carry the ideas and messages that bring hope and healing to our religiously abused and exploited country. However, I fear we are becoming the evil done against us. 

Where, with one voice, we should be boldly resisting Trump and his regime, we instead, gripe amongst ourselves. Where, with one voice, we should be vehemently protesting the lies and deceit, we instead, pick each other apart. Where, with one voice, we should be outrageously enraged at the blatant abuse of democracy, power, and privilege, we instead, punch each other in the throat.  

Progressives, you’d better get your shit together. 

America cannot withstand our lack of maturity, perspective, selflessness, and unity under the burden now upon Her.

In the midst of our progressive diversity, ours must be a singular focus with a singular message—”No more Trump, or no more America. The choice is yours.” For our willingness or unwillingness to unify will determine the future of our Republic. This is the sobering reality at hand, like it or not.

Now is the time to rise up.

Now is the time to speak not only a better message, but to be a better people.

Now is the time to put on full display the courage of our convictions.

Now is the time to stand with and under each other, that our democracy might withstand its darkest hour.

For if you are not angry enough to unify, you are the problem.

If you are not concerned enough to partner together, you are the problem.

If you are not democratic enough to lay down your differences to save our democracy, you are the problem.

If you are not libertarian enough to turn swords into plowshares to save the liberty of our nation, you are the problem.

If you are not progressive enough to put aside your personal preferences for the sake of our country, you are the problem. 

If you are not human enough to summon the love, compassion, and care needed to intertwine our bravery into one cord with one vote for the sake of the common good, you are the problem.

Progressives, you’d better get your shit together. 


Grace is brave. Be brave.

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    Hello, Chris.

    This piece is quite powerful. As an aging Boomer at the cusp, I have witnessed this growing demise of the Christian Faith for many years. It has been a progressive movement of massive destruction since the 1980’s. Evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians are likely the worst, because they believe they “own” God. Therefore, they own all morality — as they see it.

    I have followed religion and politics since my days as a very young US Air Force Sergeant. The cancer that now consumes us began matastacizing years ago. The current resident in the White House is an evil toxin, and his minions have swallowed his poison. Will our Republic survive? Not so sure. Republicans gave up all moral bonding to our nation and to our Constitution when they fell on Donald’s sword and McConnell’s sword.

    The Democratic Party has been weak far too long. Can they resurrect themselves? That is questionable. They are too passive. Today’s politics is a pugilist’s sport. The Democrats appear not to have the stomach to take off the gloves and for a right upper cut.

    Where are God and Jesus in all this? I have been asking myself that question for many years. Cheers! It may get worse.

  2. Concerned American

    Bernie Sanders is the only ethical and moral choice. Logistically and mathematically the best choice at beating Trump also.

    People don’t realize that even if Biden scores -slightly- more votes than Bernie, those votes will NOT transfer over to the general. At least not 10% of them, and without that 10% he’s a guaranteed loss to Trump. Any blue means Bernie. Period.

    • Melody

      This kind of all-or-nothing approach is why our political climate is so hostile. I’m not saying we should just accept any Democratic candidate, because we should absolutely have higher standards. But to say only one person is the answer is why we have Trump in the first place. His supporters thought he was the only answer, so they voted for him. We must be careful not to go down the same path, or this ugly cycle will continue.

  3. Melody

    Thank you, Chris. I’ve considered myself progressive for the better part of my adulthood, but all the purism, infighting, and bitterness has driven me away from the label. I’m almost as disgusted with progressives as with conservatives, because they are alienating and shaming their allies instead of coming together. People today seem to care more about their own victimhood (myself included) than about unity in fighting injustice. This is the downfall of cancel culture, and it will be the downfall of true progress if we don’t get our shit together. It’s time we all swallowed our pride and worked together, instead of playing identity politics.

  4. Todd Vick

    Chris, I so wish I was a courageous as you to call what is what is! I love your writing!

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