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Two Words For Trump-Loving America

Words have power, and critical times call for a raw honesty that truly captures the emergency and urgency of the moment. Not primarily for the purpose of change, though there’s always hope, but rather for the integrity of the soul. For to not speak and to not speak fully, is to surrender with spineless capitulations of support.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are listening or not, or whether you care or not. What matters is that it’s spoken, that you’re pushed to the wall with unvarnished truth. After that, it’s on you. History will record your verse.

Sadly, chances are, your neighbor isn’t willing to say it.

Your friends probably aren’t willing to say it.

And certainly, your pastor won’t say it. 


But, I’ll say it.

In fact, I can hear Jesus screaming it.


So, listen carefully… 

Two words…


F*ck you.

That’s right, f*ck you.

F*ck you for highjacking Jesus and making Him the hood ornament of your world bulldozer while rationalizing every kind of evil in your efforts to cleanse the world of people different from you. F*ck you for embracing so much denial and personal greed that you can’t see the pus-oozing tumor of your white privilege protruding from your heart, nor your addiction to its stench. F*ck you for believing this country is about you, your prosperity, your exclusive brand of believing, and that Jesus backs your nationalistic, abusive ingrown narcissism and gaslighting. 

F*ck you for kneeling before your idols of guns, white supremacy, and Christian conservatism while children fear being murdered at school, minorities live in terror, and violence overtakes our streets. F*ck you for your “thoughts and prayers” vomited from the black hole of your callousness as good people suffer, often at the feet of your evil corruption. F*ck you for your hypocritical attempts at dictating how people protest, love, live, and speak, in hopes that your narrative will overpower and control us. 

F*ck you for your so-called “mission” trips that ultimately serve to put a spiritual notch on your belt while you allow the very same people that you brag about reaching “for Christ” to be put in cages and refused safe harbor. F*ck you for raping our environment as you build a world purposed on paying for the expenses of your insatiable greed. F*ck you for your constant blaming of Hillary, Obama, progressives, and “fake news” while the President you worship preys upon your willingness to turn a blind eye to all that is detestable and demonic if it puts money in your pocket, gives you power over people, and preserves your white, male, heterosexual privilege. 

F*ck you for being such a selfish person that your hate and fear of the fruition of true equality for all has become so strong that you are willing to attack every and any socialistic idea and the people who hold them, demonize and abuse minorities and immigrants, and limit healthcare, education, and liveable wages for all.

F*ck you for rationalizing lies, supporting in Trump the very same things you hated in Obama, and waving your “libetards” flags at everything that doesn’t jump in your bed and let you grab their pussies with your diabolical desires to cleanse the world of all that is different and in disagreement with you.

F*ck you for trying to convince us that, for you, it’s all about making immigration “legal” while you chant “send her back” to a brown-skinned, female, legal citizen and Congresswoman of the United States of America who isn’t politically loyal to you.  

F*ck you for trying to rape America into a country where it’s patriotic to declare that people “should leave” who have strong disagreements with your exclusive political ideologies in order to “make room” for people who will declare their allegiance to your brand of thinking and believing.  

F*ck you for arrogantly declaring the divine importance and inerrancy of the “clear teachings” of the Bible that seem to support your desires for power and privilege, yet conveniently ignoring the countless Biblical admonitions on immigration, foreigners, and refugees—all while you pledge your “Christian” support to a President who aspires to rewrite the United States Constitution by removing birthright citizenship. 

We know that to you who are privileged, the emergence of true equality always feels like war.

We know that Christianity has long been the preferred and hijacked religion of white, male privilege and many have waged numerous battles to protect and foster your spiritually contrived elitism. 

We know that racism, sexism, nationalism, homophobia, xenophobia, colonialism, and capitalism have become important, coveted weapons in your fight.

We know that what is now playing out before us on our national stage is merely the deep seated, elitist infection within much of white, Christian America being stoked with fear and given the freedom to surface and fully ooze its pus.

We know that when it’s all said and done and the truth is revealed, what you really fear is Jesus and the increase of His Kingdom on earth, especially in America.

So, f*ck you for not seeing it too, and hoping we all become as blind, selfish, and gullible as you.

And to the rest who sit in silence, twiddling your thumbs as you weigh the risks of taking a stand, f*ck you. F*ck you for not choosing a side, for trying to pass off your self-serving cowardice as some kind of righteous path of peace while innocent people suffer and die in the wake of your pompous passiveness.

Not to mention, f*ck you for your cold porcelain heart that, by now, has surely turned its pretentious nose up at my use of the word, “f*ck,” but gladly guzzles down fascism from whatever leader will pour more power and privilege into your cup.

There is no more time for “shame on you,” “wake up,” or “pretty please.”

So with all due love and respect…

Two words…

F*ck you.


Grace is brave. Be brave.

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In Leatherbound Terrorism, Chris chases the evils of conservative Evangelicalism out of the shadows and gives powerful voice to the cries of the religiously oppressed. Confronting issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, religious greed, hypocrisy, nationalism, white supremacy, privilege, and the weaponizing of the Bible, Leatherbound Terrorism pulls no punches. Endorsed by best selling authors Steve McVey and Baxter Kruger, Leatherbound Terrorism will challenge you, inspire you, and most certainly cause you to rethink your faith and life.

Conservative Evangelicalism : Fake News, Fake Faith, Fake Emergencies

Imagine being like Dorothy in the the Wizard of Oz, having traveled through such adversity only to discover that the Wizard was a full-fledged fake from the very beginning. There you are, standing with your hopes at their apex, only to witness a tiny dog pull back the curtains and reveal the trickery and sleight-of-hand that has long deceived you. Smoke, mirrors, fire plumes, and fake news from a fake god—lucky for her, it was just a dream.

Sadly, for many others, whose hearts and souls have been hijacked by the tractor beams of the conservative Evangelical Death Star, what we wish had only been a dream is, instead, a real life nightmare. History tells the tale, and our current realities as a nation sound the alarm, there truly has never been a greater deception cast upon the earth than the evil deceits of conservative Evangelicalism.

In fact, when your theology personifies God as a gaslighting drunk storming out of a bar who puts His beer-fisted arms around you one moment and then stabs you into hell with a broken bottle the next. When your god has a mouth drooling over with a narcissistic codependency, psychotically attached to the fear-driven praise and submission of people, don’t be surprised when, in that faith system, all kinds of abuse, debauchery, and evil abounds.

Truth be told, when you pull back the curtain, conservative Evangelicalism is the fake news press corps that threatens our nation and planet, misrepresenting and mischaracterizing the true God who is Love and whose true message is Grace. Yet sadly, conservative Evangelicalism and its system of belief have long been gutting God of Her goodness and humanity of its beauty, luring people into a life that is no life at all, a cure that is, in fact, the poison, and a faith that only makes you better at faking it. In fact, weaponizing the Scriptures with a leatherbound terrorism, conservative Evangelicalism is, by far, the most pressing evil being wielded upon the earth. For with a fake god proclaiming a fake gospel, you can spiritual justify anything.

Just look at all the lipstick that has to be put on the pig—that’s how you know it’s fake.

Where would conservative Evangelicalism be without elaborate stage lighting, sound systems, choreographed spirituality, programmed inspiration, membership covenants, million dollar facilities, slick branding, celebrity pastors, tattoos, skinny jeans, and Gucci glasses?

Where would conservative Evangelicalism be without a fake hell, fake separateness, fake transgressions, fake guilt, fake shame, fake inerrancy, fake solutions, fake issues, and fake urgencies?

In fact, you can know it’s all fake by how carefully conservative Evangelicalism chooses its sins and its emergencies.

That’s why, for them, being gay is a terrible sin, but gluttony is no big deal. That’s why they have no problem going to Pride events holding up signs that declare, “God hates fags,” but if there were people standing outside their church services with signs that admonished, “God hates fatsos,” all hell would break loose from their fits of rage.

It’s all fake.

That’s why, for them, it’s a deplorable sin to be transgender, but blatant racism gets a pass.

That’s why, for them, being bisexual is a demonic disease, but grabbing women’s pussies is an electable attribute for the presidency and the anointing of God-ordained leadership.

That’s why, for them, women exercising the right to have an abortion is a slam dunk abomination, but wealthy-parented, white-privileged young men who rape girls can be labeled as merely, “boys being boys.”

That’s why, for them, a white president who caters to conservative Evangelicalism can have a wife who modeled in nude racy photos be deemed as simply engaging in art, but a black president can’t have a wife wear a sleeveless dress without being declared as carnally provocative.

It’s all fake.

That’s why the victims of illegal immigration can be utilized to build a wall, but the victims of mass shootings aren’t utilized for gun control.

That’s why a transgender person using the bathroom of their true identity is deemed a crisis of epic proportions, but students hiding under desks, the sick rationing medications, minorities being discriminated, brown children kept in cages, and the vulnerable being discarded is of no big deal and easily solved through sending, “thoughts and prayers.”

Pull back the curtains of conservative Evangelicalism, and sadly, there’s next to nothing without all the fakery, just a puny Wizard on a power trip playing terrible tricks against humanity.

For at the end of the day, nearly nothing about conservative Evangelicalism truly works to heal the human heart, improve the human life, and reflect the true nature and mind of God. More so than not, it only serves to create narcissistic, spiritually addicted, privilege-enticed people who aren’t getting better, but only more bitter towards a world that is awakening to the true God who is Love, whose Gospel is Grace, and whose ways are equality, inclusion, and affirmation for all.

Fake news about God, fake faith in God, fake emergencies for God.

Wake up America, before it’s too late.  


Grace is brave. Be brave.  


Check out Chris Kratzer’s new book getting rave reviews, Leatherbound Terrorism…

There is no greater evil being wielded upon the planet than Conservative Evangelicalism, and Chris Kratzer’s life and ministry journey are undeniable proof. In Leatherbound Terrorism, Chris tells of his 21 years as a conservative Evangelical pastor and the radical change of heart and mind that led him to walk away from it all. With a new sense of faith centered on Jesus and His pure Gospel of Grace, in Leatherbound Terrorism, Chris chases the evils of conservative Evangelicalism out of the shadows and gives powerful voice to the cries of the religiously oppressed. Confronting issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, religious greed, hypocrisy, nationalism, white supremacy, privilege, and the weaponizing of the Bible, Leatherbound Terrorism pulls no punches. Endorsed by best selling authors Steve McVey and Baxter Kruger, Leatherbound Terrorism will challenge you, inspire you, and most certainly cause you to rethink your faith and life.

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