Conservative Christian, When Is Enough, Enough?

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You say that you love Jesus. 

You posture yourself to be a divinely sanctioned dispenser and guardian of Godly morality. 

You want to convince the world that your brand of faith is the only way, truth, and life. 

Yet, with all due respect and love, from where I sit, there seems to be no line of integrity you aren’t willing to cross, no fact you aren’t willing to overlook, and no example and mandate of Jesus you aren’t willing to dismiss.

I want to believe otherwise, but when I put two eyeballs upon what’s in front of me, I find it increasingly hard not to believe that you have, in fact, become a force in opposition to the Kingdom instead a bearer of it. Perhaps, you don’t realize the evil in which you participate nor the diabolical system of faith to which you subscribe. I keep hoping to hear your fierce denouncements of what conservative Christianity has largely become–spiritually, morally, and politically. Yet, much of what I experience from you feels like a calculated silence coupled with a callous ambivalence, as if all you care about is religious power and privilege.

I can understand succumbing to the seductive deceptions of Christian conservatism, for I too  was once held captive by the tractor beams of the conservative Evangelical Death Star. Yet, how much revelation is it going to take before the religious scales fall from your eyes? 

I want that question to haunt you, to pound at the doors of your soul. 

Please help me understand, I’m genuinely perplexed, when is enough, enough?

The word “salvation” in your Bible is the Greek word, “sozo.” It actually means, “to bring wholeness to the entire person.” Sadly, it seems that your faith system has twisted and raped this beautiful word and conveniently fabricated it into a singular issue of hell and heaven. Yet, Jesus created it to be so much more and nothing of the eternity you have carefully imagined. 

Instead, His “wholeness” is about the removal of condemnation, guilt, and shame, not the piling on of it. It’s about the equality of all humanity, not the discrimination and demonizing of it. It’s about peace with God, others, and creation, not fear, violence, and abuse. It’s about the complete ”wholeness” of all with all, not separation, imperialism, greed, and conquest. 

In fact, Jesus purposed this “wholeness” for everyone, not just you or me, and not just for some distant future reality. Instead, this “salvation” is for anyone and everyone–today, tomorrow, and forever. It’s a cosmic manifestation secured for all by Jesus, unconditionally. So much, that when religious people pridefully tried to make their “belief” a determining factor in who experiences this “wholeness” and who does not, Jesus said things like, “And if any man hears my words, and believes not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.” 

See, now THIS is the Gospel of Jesus–wholeness for the entire person for every person: right here, right now, unconditionally and irrevocably, welling up into eternal life.  

Yet tragically, it appears you are bringing far more brokenness into the world than you are “wholeness.” You manifest the poison, not the cure; a prison, not salvation. In fact, truth be told, at the hands of your conservative Christianity, the American dream is, in reality, the American scheme. Heaven for you, and hell for everyone else. 

The proof is in the fruit.

I mean, do you really believe that whole raping and pillaging thing by conservative Christian settlers was Jesus’ best idea as to how to bring “wholeness” into the lives of the American Indian? 

Do you really expect me to bite the conservative Evangelical apple and believe that whole lynching, abusing, and enslaving thing that was inspired, supported, and justified by much of conservative Christianity, was Jesus’ best idea as to how to bring “wholeness” into the lives of black people?

Truthfully, how in the world can you even begin to imagine that your brutal condemnation of the LGBTQ community is bringing any level of “wholeness” into their humanity? I mean, do you really think your discrimination against women, minorities, and the vulnerable is the “wholeness” Jesus has in mind? How about desperate children and families seeking asylum? Perhaps you have mistaken the “wholeness” that Jesus admonishes us to manifest for the inhumane hell your system of faith often embodies. 

With all honesty, I’m struggling to understand, because it seems to be all too clear that your understanding of the Gospel and the way of Jesus is salvation for you and enslavement for everyone else.

When is enough, enough?

Will it be the day your gay or transgender child commits suicide after refusing to live a life on the receiving end of your relentless rejection and condemnation? 

Is that enough?

Will it be when your faith is finally persuaded by the person of Jesus and not the allure of political power, your lordship over people, or the fallible pages of an ancient book?

Is that enough?

Will it be when your honesty forces you in front of the mirror where you can’t escape the truth that your conservative Christian faith hasn’t made you a better person, but only a more judging, hypocritical, restless, fearful, and loveless one whose only improvement has come in learning to fake it? 

When is enough, enough?

How many lies must President Trump tell? How many women must he sexually assault? How many racists comments must he make? Give me a number.

How many children must die in cages at our border? How many false equivalencies and hypocrisies must be rationalized?  How many actions, attitudes, and examples that are clearly contrary to the person of Jesus must be put on display? How many laws, constitutional foundations, and freedoms must be forsaken? To what level must the least-of-these be exploited and even erased?

How much white supremacy, bigotry, sexism, greed, and hate must be welcomed and adopted by your conservative Christian faith?

When is enough, enough?

To wake up your soul, to resurrect your conscience, to enlighten your mind, to release your love, to ignite your rage, and to free your life?

When is enough, enough?

I pray, before it’s too late.


Grace is brave. Be brave.

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  1. Jim

    I’m with you Chris. If this is Christianity, I want no part of it. Btw did you see this peaceful protest regarding the current immigration situation?

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Jim for sharing!

    • Jenna Marsh

      Thanks Jim! Joined.

  2. Paul Cannon

    Amen to all of that.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Paul!

  3. Steve Holmvig

    This sounds more of a political statement than a statement of love and forgiveness. Conservative, liberal, these are man ‘s words that are brought to the discussion, not for furthering the Word of God but drive a wedge between believers.
    Abortion is something I don’t understand. These are lives created by God, not to be snuffed out but serve a purpose. What I have begin to understand is my inability to understand. Instead of me going around telling Pro-choice people that they cannot be loving Christians is because of abortion. Instead, I have chose to love those who believe in abortion and leave the rest to God to sort out.
    You can tell when this is a political statement is when previously many of the same events took place and mum was the word.
    Do I want to see children suffer, of course not, however we have millions of our neighbors who are starving and the money and focus goes to people crossing into our country.
    I believe all children are God’s children and deserve to be treated accordingly. If this makes me a bad Christian than so be. The poverty in our country is awful. I have seen it up close and personal and I assure you when a child, starving in Chicago looks at you with those eyes that are asking for help, I don’t care what your called, you will be moved to help. Love is to exclude no one! Unborn, young, starving, successful, those on death row. We do not have the authority to say who lives and who doesn’t. I will leave that to my Lord.

  4. Infidel753

    When has it ever been otherwise? Christians persecuted pagans and destroyed books and art in the post-Constantine Roman period, persecuted gays and Jews for 17 centuries (often with horrific brutality), burned witches and heretics, defended and promoted slavery and colonialism, fought against every advance in science and women’s rights — always with perfect, serene, pious confidence and arrogance. Those who were genuinely humane to people different from themselves were few and far between. Christianity has always served to enable people to feel self-righteous while engaging in cruelty that would revolt anyone not blinded by such dogmas. The Christian Right today is just carrying on the same long tradition.

    • Dick Modderkolk


  5. Dick Modderkolk

    “I want to believe otherwise” Yeah, that’s a feeling that wil go away. The last of the 5 stages of grief is acceptance

  6. Jenna Marsh

    Yes Chris, I’m with you 100%! How many people have to die from gun violence and from a deadly pandemic due to drumpf’s lies and maga rethugs pushing crazy conspiracy theories and quack cures? Is there no death toll high enough, no act horrible enough, is there no line he can cross?? Great article! Will subscribe and follow you brother!

    People say they’d still vote for him if he shot somebody. My question to that: “What if it’s your loved one?”

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