Conservative Evangelical Christianity, The Death Of America

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There’s an unsettling of the Spirit moving across the land—the culmination of years of religious Christian corruption. Good people everywhere are sensing it deep within. What for many has been a growing source of suspicion is now becoming a for certain certainty.  A time of emerging clarity is upon us as the curtains are drawn open and the true Wizard is revealed. Yet, there will be no clicking of the heels to save us now. For the American dream is being diabolically hijacked into the Conservative Evangelical scheme—God help us all.

In fact, in my estimation, there is truly no greater evil being wielded upon the earth. The false gospel of Evangelical Christianity has long been eroding our society, creating spiritual junkies, and asserting a white male heterosexual imperialism and privilege into every segment of our living. Its prescriptions for sin management only serve to further increase it, leaving good people spiritually strung out, hypocritical, self-righteous, and addicted to the poison, not the cure. With an insistence upon believing that God is angry, vengeful, and condemning of a sin-ladened humanity, followers spiritually justify a self-deputization to police society as they live out their perceived calling to convert the world to their privileged ideology, lest we all burn in hell. No matter the nobility of some with their good intentions and heart, the true aspirations, pursuits, and passions of much of conservative Evangelical Christianity are not true freedom and equality for all, but religious power and control for them. In their minds and hearts, the ushering in of the Kingdom of God is in reality, the ushering in of a white male heterosexual conservative Evangelical dominance in all places and things.

In contrast, a brown-skinned Jewish-born Jesus was crucified for bringing a scandalous message and manifestation of true Divinity that levels the playing field for all. For Grace is the great equalizer—none are better, only different—no matter your color, creed, orientation, gender, age, or status. Everyone is valued equally, all are given freedom completely, and no one is left condemned, unaccepted, or without affirmation, dignity, and community. Our best and worse performances are rendered powerless to sway that hands of God as our wholeness and purity before Her are irrevocably secured. Love is the very nature of God, and Grace is the only way of true Life. Faith is merely awakening to Grace by the power Christ’s faith within us. For Jesus came to destroy the ways of power, control, discrimination, violence, greed, and self-righteousness that empower the religious spirit who can so easily seduces us all—emptying Himself completely to reveal our true beauty and capacity to embrace what unites, heals, and connects us all—Love.

Sadly, as it was in the beginning, it is now most assuredly. The very same unconditional Love that brings heaven to the broken and emancipation to the captive, feels like hell to the religious, sending them into tailspins of furiously frustrated angst and rebellion—willing to crucify Jesus yet again wherever His truth threatens their evil empire. For the greatest menace to the conservative Evangelical Machine that seeks to overrun our planet is the emergence of true freedom and equality for all. That Jesus loves all, redeems all, embraces all, affirms all, and blesses all with heaven’s unlimited supply of equality and freedom is their greatest fear, trigger, and vulnerability—rendering their monstrous system of faith to be impotent, fraudulent, and devoid of true Life. That’s why nearly every conservative Evangelical interpretation of Scripture, personification of God, and assertion in society is desperately bent on diluting and covering up this revelation of Grace and its manifestation upon the earth, and quickly replacing it with a conditional religious self-righteous brand of believing—not because they are lovers of Truth, but because they are worshippers of power. For violence, hatred, bigotry, discrimination, greed, self-righteousness, judgmentalism, and evil are not intrinsic to being truly human, they’re actually common byproducts of being truly religious—subhuman.

This is the real cataclysmic spiritual battle being waged all around us that is now infiltrating and threatening the future of our country like never before. For what is the greatest obstacle to the full fruition of white male heterosexual conservative Evangelical dominance? A nation founded and anchored upon the sure premise that true equality, dignity, and freedom is for all, by divine design and sanction. For no one desires to commandeer the American flag, hijack our constitution, and fashion Jesus into the hood ornament of their world bulldozer more than white male heterosexual right-wing conservative Evangelical Christianity. In fact, the truth is, “Make America Great” is Evangelical code for “Make America Ours.” And not just America—the entire world.

My friend, most everything you see happening is leading towards these ends. Open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. The underlying reason why racism still lives and thrives, sexism is still rampant, homophobia and transphobia increases, kneeling for the national anthem is rendered a deplorable crime, the drums of war keep pounding, public school systems are being undermined, human rights are being dismissed, churches raise the Christian flag above our national flag, wars on drugs are declared that end up disproportionately imprisoning the black population and using them for free labor, foundational Christian morals and values are conveniently suspended in order to elect a white, male, heterosexual, Evangelical supporting President, and conservative Christians are charged with the mandate to assert their faith and values into every sector of society in order to win dominance. All of this is for one purpose, and one purpose alone—the full fruition of a white male heterosexual conservative Evangelical Christian Empire, even to the destruction of America and beyond.

All this talk about sin, Jesus, morality, truth, biblical faithfulness, fairness, and societal health coming from the bloviations of right-wing conservative Christianity—don’t be fooled and bite from the dark fruits dangling off their tree. It’s all smoke and mirrors to disguise the real agenda hissing in the shadows. For if it were all about Jesus, sin, hell, and scriptural faithfulness, conservative Evangelical Christianity would be fully immersed and passionately engaged in all things opposite of what we see so many of them pursuing—and most of all, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, imperialism, bigotry, violence, white-privilege, greed, and self-righteousness would be rendered the greatest of sins and cease to be legitimized within American Christianity, resulting in it all becoming largely dismantled in our society.

Yet sadly, that day is not here, and likely not forthcoming. For the tenets of true freedom, divine dignity, and equality for all upon which this nation was birthed, are the ultimate obstacles to conservative Evangelical Christianity’s battle to take the hill and Lord itself over our country. For at the end of the day, what matters most is that true freedom, divine dignity, and equality for all is contrary to the conservative Evangelical agenda of white male heterosexual power and privilege. In fact, perhaps nothing is more repulsive to the Evangelical religious system than people living free to believe, worship, and pursue happiness outside of their control and without compliance to their creeds, especially those who in doing so would foster the dismantling of white male heterosexual conservative Evangelical power and privilege.

Connect the dots, look beyond the obvious, and engage the spiritual discernment the mind of Christ within you affords. Theological, spiritual, moral, and religious error, slight of hand, and brainwashing of this magnitude are never achieved unintentionally.

Grace is brave. Be brave.


  1. steveA

    I haven’t seen churches with the Christian flag above the American flag.

    The symbolism of flags and churches has bothered me since I was 12 or so. If the US flag is in the better position (per the Flag Code), what does that mean? And who would serve a god that is less powerful, less worthy of honor, than their country? That those who follow the code fail to grasp the significance makes the point.

    Better, in my opinion, is no flag, rather than the Protestant flag (never saw that white field with blue canton and red cross in a Roman Catholic setting, but have seen the Vatican flag in those settings).

    • ckratzer

      Interesting thoughts Steve, thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Tom aka Volkmar

      “Shall we carry a flag? It is a rival to Christ.”

      —Tertullian (160AD – 220AD)

    • Sam


      I’ve never seen a Christian flag flying above an American flag either. When I’ve been in sanctuaries with both of these flags, they’re usually on separate poles at equal height. I prefer not flags in the sanctuary.

  2. Linda

    Also, I don’t understand “common [byproducts] of being truly religious—subhuman.” Do you define “truly religious” as subhuman, un-spiritual or un-loving? That’s ok – I guess I’m just not familiar enough with your work to know that.

    Not trying to be prickly! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Especially starting at “For what is the greatest obstacle to the full fruition of white male heterosexual conservative Evangelical dominance? A nation founded and anchored upon the sure premise that true equality, dignity, and freedom is for all, by divine design and sanction. For no one desires to commandeer the American flag, highjack our constitution, and fashion Jesus into the hood ornament of their world bulldozer more than white male heterosexual right-wing conservative Evangelical Christianity. In fact, the truth is, “Make America Great” is Evangelical code for “Make America Ours.” And not just America—the entire world.”

  3. nancy peters

    Flags were voted out in our churches long ago, as the purpose of worship is to worship God (Triune God) who has given his covenant to all nations and to all peoples.
    I appreciate this article fully. While I realize many folks do not understand that their is a war going on, I am in the midst of it with family members having been deceived and pulled into it’s clutches. They judge us for not hating those who they hate yet they are humble about their self-righteousness. Consequently, they love our current president no matter his immorality, corruption, and treason. His sins will never matter because he is going to help them crumble all the safety nets and protections for the vulnerable in our land, even in the world. Just take a look at the famous religious leaders who handle mega churches and far reaching charities. They become mega millionaires off of the donations of the middle class and their messages constantly massage the Republican goals while using Jesus Christ as their champion. While I sit amongst them, I am shaken by their grip on their members, but the member are like puppy dogs glorifying that they have personally saved themselves ie. Decision Theology. It is very scary.

    • ckratzer

      Nancy, thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate you and hearing your perspectives!

  4. Tom aka Volkmar

    Very inflammatory Chris. Keep up the good work. (Not being facetious.)

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Tom, I think. 🙂

  5. Paula

    I’m not a religious person, never have been. What I’m seeing in this county today is truly scary. You nailed it. You shouldn’t have to explain to someone why they should care about others.

    • ckratzer

      Paula, you hit it out of the park! Well said! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  6. Donna

    Yes, I have been witnessing this and seeing Dominionism for 20 years at least. The Christian Dominists plan is to infiltrate Government, schools, many businesses, television and radio. They are succeeding. The main concern I have is money funnels to them. Many like Betsy DeVos and her brother Eric Prince figured out how to acquire wealth. They love the economic pyramid model. Churches are getting richer while many of their members are not.

    • ckratzer

      Donna, indeed, money, power, and fame are driving forces within much of American modern Christianity, both in conservative and progressive circles.

      • Donna

        It’s been going on back when Sinclair Lewis saw that many are more Grifter than truly religious. I think of the Crouches, Joel Osteen, and even Robert Schuller. The wealth they have accumulated is obscene. Then they get addicted to fame and power. Why so many Americans can’t see it is beyond me. Sadly, they do think what they say and believe is true. Lewis was highly criticized for his comments about religious organizations. Here we are 2017 and it’s even worse. Worse because many believe end times are coming and they are willing to speed it up.

  7. Judy

    I am relatively new to your thoughts. I have long believed this way. I did not grew up in the evangelical church but an Episcopal church. Was “saved” when I was 17 and spent many decades in the Evangelical Church. But always seemed at odds with the teachings of these churches. I have observed much of what you have articulated in your article. Thank you for saying it so well. Oh, by the way, I was finally able to walk away a few years ago. I still believe in the Gospel of Jesus, just not the Evangelical church in America. They are truly destroying us. Thanks for being so straight forward.

    • ckratzer

      Judy, so great to have you reading my work, welcome to the conversation! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  8. PJ

    Do you think the evangelical Christians realize they are being manipulated by the super wealthy — and that they aren’t really gaining power? They get a few societal changes so that regulations are reduced and government protections are dismantled so they can funnel more and more of the wealth to the top .01%. They are drunk on the koolaid that somehow they benefit from all of this when they won’t. So sad. Many want to destroy the safety net they and family members need. Yes they want power but they are puppets and others hold the strings…

  9. Steve


    You’re nothing if not challenging. Thanks for your postings and for making me think.

    • ckratzer

      Thank you Steve, for taking the time to read and comment, and for considering my thoughts!


    As an ordained Christian theologian who actually earned a graduate degree in Theology (unlike so many of the proselytes), I have found my “faith” waning with increase over this last decade. The abuse and misuse of God and Christ by self-proclaiming “Christians” as they act out in full-dress hate has served to diminish my once boundless exultation of the Trinity and Marian theology. The United States is not “Christian” by any measure. The more vocal who claim to carry that mantle and wrap themselves in their cloaks of demonic heresy are nothing less than the devil’s own. Both Jesus and St. Matthew warn against such public pronouncements. Modern day “followers” are the scourge of demagoguery.

    • ckratzer

      Rev. Vincent, well said my friend, well said!

      • Cheryl

        Don’t give up Rev. Vincent. The naysayers cannot erode what faith holds close to our hearts.

  11. Julie McLaughlin

    Thank you so much for writing this! I think I love You! You absolutely nailed it! I’ve felt and said the same thing for years but not nearly as eloquently as you just did. Looking at conservatives today, honestly, if I believed in the Anti-Christ and the end times, I’d say we were at that point now because of those evil, self serving, entitled and gullible idiots! They are a profound embarrassment to the Christian faith and they need to be called out as such. I’m definitely sharing this on my page!

    • ckratzer

      Thank you so much Julie for the encouraging words! If we aren’t connected already on FB already, I hope we can be. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and sharing!

  12. Earnie

    I recently watched a movie named “The Shack” which was produced for the 2017 market that depicts God as a black woman but changes God as a different character in some scenes. It’s message was that we are not the Judge. If you haven’t seen it, it is a great movie, with a message similar to what you’re trying to give in your dissertation here.

    All I can say is, God sent Jesus to take our sin and once we accept that love gift for ourselves we no longer need to worry about sin. We are no longer bound by the world or the opinions of others. God sees those who has accepted his gift as if he sees the Gift. We should not listen to those who Judge us and know that they will be judged for doing so. We just forgive them and move on to do what God would have us do and love others for the people that God himself loves. Sin is dead once we accept the Gift, Jesus took those upon himself and conquered the Sin, God then views us through the Gift. No action, no token of expression given, no amount of church going, no bible believing bible thumping can ever take that from us. Live life as if we have won the battle over sin and simple tell others of God and his love Gift and what it has done for you. Do not shame, do not judge, for it is not for us to do so.

    • ckratzer

      Earnie, thanks for your comments and for adding to the conversation!

  13. Sam

    “…churches raise the Christian flag above our national flag”

    Shouldn’t we, as Christians, want to prioritize our faith over our country? Or am I misreading this?

    • ckratzer

      Sam, in my opinion, prioritizing one’s faith is important. However, to go against the flag codes and raise a Christian flag above our national flag on a flag pole is a real and symbolic assertion of religious privilege. Just imagine, if an Islam flag (or any other religion) was raised above our national flag, the outrage that would quickly ensue.

      • Earnie

        I used to think as Sam does. I then asked myself “What is a flag?” A flag is nothing more than a symbol of a statement of a cause or mission. We have the American flag to represent the declaration of independence from the rule of the British. We have flags of religion to represent that we believe this creed.

        Others see those items and may have the wrong meaning to what they represent. A connotation of some word or item such as a flag can send the wrong message. To some they see the flag of the United States as a symbol for freedom and opportunity while others see it as a symbol of hatred and mistrust. The same is true with a christian flag and you really don’t want to add to that confusion by adding the two flags together.

        The flag of the nation is flown in churches just because well they are incorporated within that nation. They show that they follow the laws of that land. To fly a christian flag above the flag of the nation is making the opposite statement more a statement of rebellion. A conservative evangelical doesn’t want to rebel against the nation, they just want to control it. They want to make the rules of the land similar to the rules of the evangelical. They want to force, remove independence, others to believe the same or you’re breaking the laws of the land. These conservative evangelicals are changing the connotation of the flag of the land. Do you really want a christian flag above the flag of the land if what that flag represents is total domination of the laws of the land?

        Chris, I apologize for taking over the conversation, you’ve unleashed the fight or flight response in me. I have become more passionate about what I believe reading your articles and responses to readers. We cannot let the conservative evangelical to prevail and we must take back our land to protect the freedom that we have. If we don’t we will have anarchy, if we don’t already, ruling the land.

        • Sam

          Hi Earnie,

          I’ll preface my comment by saying that 1) I’ve never been in a church sanctuary where a “Christian flag” flies above the American flag (when I’ve seen two flags in a sanctuary, they’re usually on separate polls at the same height) and 2) in the church sanctuary in which I worship, there are no flags, which I think is the best policy. As you said, national flags can mean one thing to one person and a different thing to another, so it’s just best to leave them out of the church worship space.

          All that said, how would you make a distinction between what conservative evangelicals hope to achieve through the political process and what other Christians, Jews, Muslims, non-religious political progressives, non-religious political conservatives, moderates, etc. hope to achieve? They’re all employing the same overall means, right? They’ll all trying to pressure elected officials to pass laws to their liking (and the disliking of other people). Unless, one is an extreme libertarian (very few Americans are), we all want to “control” others using the force of law to craft a system that we feel is the most just.

  14. Janae

    I am an ex-Conservative Evangelical Christian & youth pastor (1996-2004). I became SO disillusioned and horrified by how Christianity was moving so far from the actual teachings of Christ, that I fell away and, along with other reasons, I am now an atheist. I was directed to your article by a friend, who knew that you had eloquently penned my decades-long thoughts and concerns about this troubling trend. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for speaking out on an issue of vital importance, when many are remaining quiet…or falling in line.

    • ckratzer

      Janae, thanks much for having the vulnerability to share these parts of your story. I am saddened to hear of your experiences, you are not alone! It will be atheists like you who bring true revitalization to Christianity. Hope that makes sense.

    • Earnie

      Janae, are you an atheist or an agnostic? Agnostic being against those to claim to have knowledge of or from Christ. The conservative evangelical can be considered Gnostics as they proclaim to have the one and only truth of God’s law for man. Are you truly now believing there is no God? If this is true, how have you become so inclined? If you wish you can contact me personally.

  15. The Religious Vortex

    When you point out to Evangelicals that the description of the antichrist in the Bible fits the description of Donald Trump perfectly, they get very upset and REFUSE to see it.

    • ckratzer

      True story.

  16. jeffrey

    CK,a beautiful piece here . Have no idea of course about others who read you; but your words ring soooo deep and convicting for me…… because I used to live over there, in that former life where I thought it was my job to know who was going to heaven or hell as you said” self deputization to police society ” . Oh the arrogance of me, I was incredibly naive. Thank you Jesus for a more real way to live now. Cant wait to read your book someday.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Jeffrey, there are a lot of us walking out this path way to healing. So great to be on this journey of faith with you!

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