Christian, You’re Worried About Transgender Bathrooms? Seriously?

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Christian, I’m not buying it one bit—all your huffing and puffing about the morally deplorable and safety-shattering realities that would become if transgender people were allowed to use the public bathrooms of their true identity and choice.

I gotta give you props, you don’t let the paint dry in stepping up to the plate to bark out against all the wrong things—showing the true teeth of your creed. You want to convince me that there is something alarming of which to be afraid that should awaken in me dire concerns for my country, family, and children. Yet, the truth is, you’re more desperate to deflect attention from the real issues than Johnnie Cochran in a murder trial. The rest of us, Jesus lovers and alike, we’re hip to all the smoke and mirrors you position in an effort to justify your inner hate and religious arrogance against that which you don’t understand or agree. Quite frankly, you’re going to have to do a lot better than this if you want to be taken seriously. Your ignorance, pew-packaged talking points, and religious ideology of self-righteous superiority show up like skid marks on a 5-year-old’s underwear—you’ve crapped your pants, and we know it. All these religious charades you tout in hopes we will go nose-blind to your stench, would all be so laughable, if it wasn’t all so serious.

You’re a Christian parent, for crying out loud, who sexualizes your young daughters with dance and cheerleading groups pimping every hoochie-mama gyration their makeup ladened, pubescent bodies can muster in skin tight uniforms fit for a Beyonce’ video, all while forty-five year old men who live in their mom’s basements hoot and holler in the audience—and you’re worried for your kids about transgender friendly bathrooms, and you want me to be too?

You take your sons to stand in line for hours at the local GameStop, licking your chops to purchase the latest violent, salvage, blood spewing, graphic video game because “boys will by boys” as father and son imagine, enact, and fantasize violence—and you want me to be worried about transgender friendly bathrooms?

You friggin put Sundrop in your kid’s Sippy Cup. You send your children to school with a lunch bag laced with Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Cheese Puffs, a slice of baloney and a 25-grams-of-sugar loaded Juice Box.

You’re a parent whose life revolves around the activities and temper tantrums of your children as their demands drag you around like a dog on a leash—and yet you’re worried for your kids about transgender friendly bathrooms?

You teach your children to disrespect adults and throw shade at their teachers because in your mind (and now theirs) it always has to be the teacher’s fault. Whose else could it possibly be?

You think the best God-honoring activities to solicit the spiritual growth of your children are to jack them up with Bible drills and memorization contests, and outsource them to every vacation Bible school program you can map out on your GPS—and you want me to buy into your worry about transgender friendly bathrooms?

You’re a parent who spoils, over schedules, and parades their children around like a circus show because your self-worth is tied to appeasing the opinions of others, vicariously living through your children, and winning the competitive-parenting game that rules your every move and Facebook post.

At a blink of an eye, you’ll lay down wads of cash for the latest pair of Nike shoes, Vera Bradley purses, and concert tickets to Miley Cyrus, just because they ask, and you can’t stomach their displeasure.

You give little to no pause to publicly scolding your children with harsh rants of profanity. You watch porn on your computer one moment, sing songs of Jesus on your church’s projection screen the next, and then sit the family down for Sunday evening devotions like nothing ever happened.

More Republican politicians get arrested for sexual acts in public bathrooms than transgender people—and you want me to be worried about them taking a piss in a public bathroom?

The truth is, what should be frantically sending parents and kids into the streets screaming with fear isn’t transgender people showing up in a restroom. Hell no, we should be going bat crazy at the thought of the likes of your ignorance, arrogance, and hate bellying up to pee beside us or take a dump next door —hell hath no violence, harm, and fury like a conservative Christian.

If there is any social terrorism going on, monsters showing up in your local water closet, you’ll have a lot better chance at finding the culprit by looking into the mirror than under the bathroom stall.

When we finally see you as a Christian refusing to boycott things that are simply more humane than you, punch things just because they’re different, and wallow in the shelter of your religious pride and ignorance, then we may just give serious ear to the things for which you want us to be concerned and afraid.

Until then, we’ll kindly love people and treat them equally, fighting for their divine dignity, rights, and respect.

Spoiler alert, that’s what Jesus would do.

That’s what Jesus is doing.

Hate it for you.


  1. Carl

    Your so full of crap!!!

    • TN Jed

      “You’re,” but I digress…

  2. Br Graham-Michoel

    WOW! That’s laying it on the line Chris. Well done. I wholeheartedly agree.

  3. Jem

    Yeah, Chris! You sock it to ’em just as Jesus would to the Pharisees. Go man!

  4. Karl Ingersoll

    Definitely a rant, Chris but one that we need to hear, I believe.

    • ckratzer

      I’m ok with it being seen as a rant. Thanks Karl! 🙂

      • Dolly Roquette

        I loves a good rant! Well ranted m’dear.. Said out loud what we all wuz thinkin’ and Im darned sure I heard you rollin your eyes out loud too! Brilliant!

      • Br Graham-Michoel

        Absolutely nothing wrong with a good rant now and again. I have one almost every day, but usually it is only the cat who is listening.

  5. Joy

    Yes. My daughter was molested already by her own father and YES she would be afraid to go into a restroom where men are allowed to go. Safety first.

    • TN Jed

      Uh, your daughter should fear her father, but typically male-to-female transexuals are not in the least bit interested in the opposite sex, sexually, nor in your child. They just wanna pee. Keep your kid away from her dad. Safety first.

    • Dolly Roquette

      Male to Female trans are Women not Men! End of! Its Testosterone that causes aggression and Tgirls often actually have less than many cis girls.

      • Regan D.

        Love this, Mr. Kratzer. For a lot of years, I worked in the crime scene photo unit of a major police agency. And my credentials and experience with crime and criminals, didn’t make a dent in the ignorance and fear mongering so many Christian conservatives are capable of.
        Certain journals they contribute to and their own websites and FB pages are loaded with ‘fear the transgender and gay predator’, but when someone comes with professional expertise, not only did my comments fall on deaf ears, they were deleted and banned, never to be seen.
        I also have had the immeasurable gift of actually knowing and socializing with T-folks. They are my beloved friends, and colleagues.
        I was raised to learn and understand, not shun and remain ignorant.
        After all, the best teachers are those who are transgender themselves. Just as one wouldn’t accept information about Jews from an anti Semite, an anti non transgender person could hardly be trusted as expert.
        But bigots remarkably sell themselves as the most trusted experts on the object of their bigotry.
        I thank you for this article, because it’s right on.
        I’m down with the Christians who remember to ‘treat another as they’d be treated’.
        The ones who resist doing that, whether it’s by their own words and actions, aren’t hard to clock about it.
        But they sure hate it when it happens, as you’ve done Mr. K.

    • Netrista

      These bathroom bills would be the very cause of men showing up in the bathroom. Transgendered men are some of the manliest men I’ve ever seen. While they may have been technically born female, some of them are 100% men as is commonly understood, but their bodies never developed male characteristics due to some hormone insensitivity. Whether that is or is not the case with a particular T guy, many are bald, bearded and muscular. Fearful little kids aren’t going to know the person was born female. Additionally, perverted straight guys can just go in the bathroom and say they were born female. There’s no way these bathroom bills are beneficial.

  6. Niki

    I agree 100%. Mainstream Christianity these days takes what Jesus said to do, and do the complete opposite and say they are following Christ.

  7. Katie

    Very interesting…but tell us what you really think Chris ;D

    • ckratzer


  8. mememe

    They’ve upped the ante…Liberty Counsel’s president is saying she will carry a gun with her when she goes into a public restroom, saying it identifies as her bodyguard. What if she finds a female who isn’t feminine enough for her? will she shoot that woman just to be on the safe side? Why am I worried? Because I am a disabled woman who has some size issues, larger than normal parts of my body due to my disability, haven’t been able to afford new clothes for years because I’m on SSDI and barely make it, so I mostly wear jeans and T-shirts…and SHE is local to my area.

  9. mememe

    Thank you for writing this, by the way…very refreshing to see in the face of all that hatefulness out there…

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