Abortion: The Ultimate Evangelical Cop-out

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Trump is the middle finger of white, male-driven, conservative Evangelicalism. He’s the scab-picker of a long-festering, pungent hate among many white American Christians towards the things they feel are an increasing threat to their white, conservative Christian way of life and privilege in society. 

Yet, the difference is obvious, Trump is nothing like Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. A simple comparison of their character and ways reveal this truth.

However, none of that matters. So many Christians, in essence, don’t give a damn. For them, there is literally nothing Trump could say or do that would dislodge their obedience towards him. This has left analysts and Trump-disgusted Christians trying to crack-the-code as to how anyone who associates with Jesus could place their support and allegiance in such an anti-Jesus man and President.

The answer is simple. 

White, male-driven, conservative American Christianity has taken the person of Jesus who stands “for” so many beautiful things and twisted Him into a religion centered around the destruction of what they stand “against.” In truth, the Trump supporter isn’t concerned with what Trump is doing “for” Jesus, but rather intoxicated by what he is doing “against” their contrived enemies.

For example, let’s take the white, male-driven, Christian colonization of America, their unwavering support of Israel, their “mission” to convert non-believers, and the brutal eradication of Native Americans. No matter how much “Reaching the world for Christ” or “Manifest Destiny Lipstick” you put on that pig, when your bottom line purpose is to make the world more “like” you and “for” you, anyone and anything that doesn’t foster and surrender to that agenda becomes a bright blip on the radar screen of the enemies you stand “against.” That’s right, so many of the spiritually wrapped actions of white, male-driven, conservative Christianity have never been “for” Jesus, but rather “against” the things that threaten the presence and prosperity of their privileged Empire.

The same applies to Trump’s Muslim travel ban, the border wall, and the increased demand for so-called religious freedom. None of it is about protecting our country from terrorism, illegal immigration, crime, nor fostering true religious pluralism. Instead, it’s about giving leverage and privilege to white, male-driven, conservative American Christianity through the demonizing, marginalizing, and belittling of all other religions and peoples.

Think about the LGBTQ community. White, male-driven, conservative American Christianity wants us all to believe that their vehement disgust with this issue is because it’s a sin that offends God and undermines our culture. Excuse me, but that’s hilarious. 

What white, male-driven American Christianity cares about within the LGBTQ community is their relentless desire for shared rights. They can’t stand the idea that heterosexual patriarchy would have to share equal value, priority, influence, protections, space, and rights with any group besides themselves. If they cared about sin, they would be spending all their time policing the mountain high pile of debauchery rampant within their own camp and the numbers among them who, ironically, enjoy lesbian porn. Instead, they demonize and stand “against” the LGBTQ community, not because they are “for” dealing with sin (which LGBTQ it is not), but because they don’t want to share their heterosexual, patriarchal privilege.

Starting to connect the dots? 

This is the root impulse behind every form of their oppression of minorities and their social and political aspirations. White, male-driven, conservative American Christianity wants power, control, and prominence in all of society, and they will use whatever methods to achieve this goal. Slavery, mass incarceration, lynchings, police brutality, tear gas, denial of rights, economic inequality, sexism, voter suppression, rigged elections, dictatorships, lying, labeling, demonizing, false-flag operations, fraud, constitutional abuse, and the list is unending. They don’t give-a-rip about aligning their values and pursuits to be “for” Jesus, they only care about aligning their lives and spinning their faith “against” anything and everything that threatens their appetite and addiction to self preservation and prosperity.  

Enter abortion.

White, male-driven, conservative Evangelicalism would love for us all to believe that, despite some of them having a distaste for certain attributes of President Trump, they give their loyalty to him because they see him as anti-abortion and pro-life. In their reasoning, this issue supersedes all others. They argue that the protection and preservation of the most vulnerable of human life is paramount. 

Indeed, this justification by white Evangelicals may help them feel good about themselves as they believe that they are taking the higher road and aligning themselves with the Bible and God’s will. However, in truth, for many, their stance against abortion is the ultimate cop-out. Where all other excuses for their support of Trump have revealed their hypocrisy, their position against abortion is the last card in their deck, and it too, is the ultimate bluff. 

To be sure, many progressives greatly dislike the idea of abortion, but also dislike the subjugation of women’s rights, the denial of science, and the belittling of medical truth, especially at the feet of a brutal, hypocritical, conservative Evangelical patriarchy. In fact, I’ve never met nor heard of any progressive, pro-choice person who cherishes the idea and act of abortion. For them, this issue of abortion is both complex, heart-wrenching, and grey in nature. 

However, this is not the case for much of white, male-driven, conservative Evangelicalism. With their obvious preferences of school shootings over gun control, children in cages over welcoming the foreigner, police brutality over police accountability, mass incarceration over racial justice, a rich-favored economy over care for the least-of-these, the military industrial complex over universal healthcare and economic justice for all, and the worship of a god who joyfully sends those who don’t subscribe to their faith system to a hell of eternal torment, their priorities and values are crystal clear. There is almost nothing “pro-life” about white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical Christianity. And quite frankly, when it’s all said and done, they don’t give it shit. With tremendous fear of losing control, power, and privilege, instead of coming clean of their duplicity, they cling all-the-more tighter to their MAGA hats. Indeed, their vehement declarations of being pro-life and anti-abortion are the ultimate cop-out. 

In fact, it should be of no surprise to anyone that, for many, their white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical stance on abortion isn’t about being “for” Jesus, not even close. Instead, it’s about being “against” the full fruition of women’s equality, the sexual accountability of white men, and the cessation of their religious dominance to dictate the lives of all others. This is why they support Trump under the guise of being anti-abortion. Clearly, the only lives that matter to him are his own and that of white, male-driven, American, conservative Evangelicals. There is almost nothing “pro-life” about the presidency of Donald Trump, and many white, conservative Evangelicals are totally cool with that as long as he joins them and leads the way in dismantling the enemies of their pursuit of supremacy. 

Given the benefit of the doubt, some would suggest that white, conservative Evangelicals are at least “pro-birth.” Excuse me, but that’s also hilarious. They might be “for” white, conservative Evangelical birth. But, they certainly are “against” the birth of a lesbian, gay, bissexual, or transgender person. Sure, they declare that being LGBTQ is a choice after birth. However, that’s because it’s more palatable to condemn a “choice” than it is to condemn God’s designed “creation”–an LGBTQ person from birth. 

But, not just against an LGBTQ birth, but “against” every black, brown, or multi-racial birth. Sure, some will warm-up to minorities and act as if they support equality. Within white, male-driven, conservative American Christianity there is a certain level of diversity they are willing to accept as long as they can patronize it, exploit it, and it doesn’t threaten their dominance in society. However, when that diversity finds its wings and it starts to feel like it’s crossing the line by encroaching the sandbox of their privilege and power, all bets are off and the bully is released. 

For these are the demographics that ultimately pose the threat of thwarting and dismantling their white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical supremacy. In fact, seeing how prominent and acceptable racism has become for many white Evangelicals, I am surprised they don’t have underground black and brown abortion clinics. Oh wait, they do, they’re just called voter suppression, racial injustice, children in cages, mass incarceration, police brutality, economic inequality, and “all lives matter.” 

No, they would never come out and say it that way and would deny these assertions fervently, but systemically and subtly it’s all true. 

With their protests demanding their God-given freedom to NOT wear a mask in order to protect the lives and prevent the deaths of other people as they ironically wave signs declaring, “My body, my choice,” the reason why so much of white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical Christianity makes such a big deal about abortion isn’t because they are “for” life, “for“ birth, or “for” Jesus. Not a chance. Rather, it’s because they are “against” the emergence of true equality for women, the sexual accountability of white men, and the dismantling of their religious power to lord their values over all of society. 

Indeed, the conservative Evangelical stance against abortion is the ultimate Evangelical cop-out, especially in justifying their support of Trump.

Trust me, if white, conservative Evangelical men could get pregnant, abortion would not only be legal, it would be biblical, easily accessible, and free. Not just that, but probably offered next to the church coffee shop or bookstore in the lobby after Sunday services. 


Grace is brave. Be brave.


  1. Seth Blevans

    Good Morning,

    My wife and I are Christian and white with six boys. My wife believes in the right for women to have abortions and I do not (with a few exceptions that deal with the mother’s life and health). Christians are sinners. We make mistakes. Some of us have very hard hearts. But true followers of Jesus walk in the teachings of love, Grace, and corporal and spiritual consequences for our actions. What is presented in the above article is a lot of hate. What is ‘tolerance’ but a respectful and fundamental disagreement for what someone else believes. I too dislike what our current President does and what he stands for. But if his actions speak for themselves (not just what he does preach) then he does not hold Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I believe that the “man” Jesus was not white, that He held women in high regard, that He loved children, He wanted health, food, water, shelter for all the world, and most importantly- the offer of Salvation. Please, instead of focusing on labeling all Christians by what our current President and/or “religious leaders(?)” say/do, focus on an individual and confront his/her with respect and with the compassion you would want to receive.

    • ckratzer

      Seth, thanks for the comment. Please read the article and its actual words. I never label all Christians as anything. That’s your projection, not mine.

    • A Cartwright

      Not hate – anger. There’s a difference. Think about the money lenders in the temple.

    • Melody

      You just proved his point.

  2. Eric Litynski

    I think you and Franky Schaeffer need to get together. Frank is a self-proclaimed atheist and Trump hater and I’m not sure where you stand but it’s evident from your posts that you have no regard for God’s word as things like abortion, same sex relations, etc are a-ok.

    I think you need to stop blogging and look at your heart and repent. You’re way off base!!

    • Netizen_James

      You are simply incorrect.
      There is no place in Scripture where abortion is condemned.
      There is no place in Scripture where loving monogamous relationships between two persons of the same gender are condemned.
      What is condemned in scripture is pederasty, not homosexuality. These are NOT the same thing,

      You need to get the hate out of your heart. And put PEOPLE above your parochial and limited view of what ‘morality’ means.

    • Melody

      Shut up, bigot.

  3. Diane

    Well said!! Thank you for this. I agree 100 percent. The hypocrisy is obscenely breathtaking.

  4. Lori

    I’m so glad I ran across this! I just finished a book called “White Fragility.” You should consider writing a book called “White, Evangelical Male Fragility.”

    It has been so frustrating as a Jesus follower to see all of the hatred of people coming from my brothers and sisters in Christ disguised as hatred of sin. Communication is what is received by the people it is being communicated to, not the purported intention of the person speaking.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Lori, great idea!

  5. Sue Borcherding

    Powerful food for thought! I would really enjoy being able to really discuss this. Unfortunately, too many would see this as so inflammatory that true discussion would not be possible. This article is definitely well worded and well thought out. I agree with much of it. I am very happy to say I am a Christian. I am greatly saddened by people using Christianity as a shield to hide behind when they spew hatred and intolerance. Jesus did not do that. I really appreciated the points on abortion and how some of us are against abortion, but feel it is an individual “woman”‘s choice. And, especially the part about if men could get pregnant. Thank you for this and your bravery to say it.

  6. Alvin Lindeen

    Soar with jesus!

  7. cb

    you spew evilness….. So sad for you if you keep this up… one day you will be covering your eyes to’The TRUTH’ only because you are not worthy to look upon His Grace. He will say, I never knew you as you plead for mercy…gona be hot where you are going if you don’t repent and have a change of heart. John 14:6

    • Melody

      Get lost, racist bootlicker. Jesus hates you.

  8. John

    Morning all, thank you for the article it is appreciated altho as observed Christian readers can be as quick to react as sports fans in the City of Brotherly Love. As my hometown of Kenosha, WI is burning with riots over another shootings I will be referencing some of your other work in my discussions. I am a straight, white , 64 y/o
    male, life long Christian Democrat and painfully aware of how the non denominational church I still attend has kept it’s pale complexion. However, we are seeing a change lead by 40 something paster who has adopted two children of color with of his own. It is an interesting to see how some things are changing. In the meantime, it is encouraging to see peop,e working together cleaning after a nites of burned out buildings, trucks and painting the boards as they cover storefronts.

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