There’s No Such Thing As A Christian Nation

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There is no such thing as a Christian nation.

It doesn’t exist.

It can’t exist.

Not a chance.

Not with Christ.

For Christ cannot be nationalized. He refuses the platform. He rejects any and all power established through vote, people, government, or popularity. He seeks no political party, no people group, and no established system of organization.

He cannot be colonized, weaponized, militarized, bulldozed into existence, marched down the street, hammered by a gavel, or flown over a stadium.

He dwells outside of walls, structures, and human constructs. He tears down all that would cage Him, franchise Him, leverage Him, and hoist Him upon a flag.

For Jesus lives in the margins, the cracks, the undefined, and the unconstituted. He cannot be legislated, demarcated, or plotted on a map.

Far beyond theology, denominations, creeds, rules, religion, news networks, social media, speeches, conferences, prayer formulas, mission statements, worship centers, bibles, and books.

He blesses all.

Lives in all.

Claims all… equally.

He is all, in all, and for all, or He means nothing at all.

There is no budget that can commandeer him, no army that can assert Him, no democracy that can elect Him, no dictator that can enforce Him, and no office, house, branch, or anthem that can contain Him.

In fact, you can surely be sure that any person, group, or effort to nationalize Him is not of Him. Not even close.

Perhaps it’s becoming all the more clear. The code has been cracked; the mystery has been solved. The cancer has been disguised as the cure; the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is revealed. Hidden in plain sight, Christianity without Jesus is the anti-Christ and the nationalization of this Christianity is his ultimate pursuit.

For you can nationalize hate.

You can nationalize greed.

You can nationalize racism.

You can nationalize violence.

You can nationalize injustice.

You can nationalize white supremacy.

But, you can’t nationalize Jesus.

For Christ can’t be nationalized, but all that is anti-Christ surely can.

Within every call, drumbeat, and chorus to nationalize Christianity is the screaming confession that, “we have not, believe not, and worship not Jesus.”

Don’t be fooled, all the pursuits of Christian nationalism and the establishment of a Christian nation. They have nothing to do with Him and cannot exist with Him, by Him, or for Him.


Grace is brave. Be brave.


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  1. Phil Singer (PhD, OCP, and All Around Good-Guy)

    Best…. Post….. Ever……..

    • ckratzer

      Thanks so much Phil for the encouraging words!

  2. Kathleen Leonard

    You are absolutely right. Brilliant piece. Thank you. How, oh how, do we get people to understand this?

    • ckratzer

      Thank you Kathleen, sure appreciate you taking the time to comment. I wish I had an answer to your question. I guess all we can do is to try and be Light and hope for it to make a difference,

  3. David Fredrickson

    So needed to be heard and so well said!

  4. Evin

    Such truth!!!

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Evin!

  5. Joshua

    I think it’s not a horrible post overall but it could use some context for clarity. For example we know that Christ is going to establish a new heaven and a new Earth and we know that he is going to be the ruler and under the if you will nation of Christ there’s only going to be Christians so there will at one point under Christ be an entire Christian Nation it’ll be a worldwide Nation.

    I mean I understand what you’re getting at, I think the Trump hat is a necessary that’s just fueling political divide, but I think you should clarify when you’re saying no Christian Nation that it would be no Christian Nation under the control of man

    Remember according to the book of Galatians there’s another Greek nor Jew slave nor free We are All One in Christ, so with what we know about the book of Revelation and what it teaches is to come and then we have this in the book of Galatians there’s going to be one group one nation and it will be ironically a nation under God

    “He blesses all.
    Lives in all.
    Claims all… equally”
    I think this portion of your article is also needing some clarification. Christ does not live in the heart of unrepentive sinners. And he does not claim all many will be told depart from me I never knew you. So I think without that context without clarification there’s the potential to confuse new believers who come across this article

    • ckratzer

      Joshua, thanks for the time and thoughtfulness taken to comment on my article. I respectfully and strongly disagree with your opinions and interpretations of Scripture.

      • Joshua

        Hey thanks for the reply. One of the first things I learned as a Christian was to be open to being wrong to be teachable it’s important for our growth. Would you perhaps be able to provide a little bit more information on what you disagree with?

        For example is it only part of what I said that you disagree with or is it everything? I know some people disagree with the Galatians scripture they believe that to be an individual thing and I might be inclined to think they’re right I just think it highlights that in Christ We are All One body.

        But I would absolutely be interested in your thoughts so that I’m a better understand your position. That would help and it would remove any chance for me to take your beliefs out of context

      • Dan

        Joshua doesn’t get it 🙁

  6. Heather Sooder

    My head subscribes to every word of this beautifully written post. Yet my heart remembers that Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits.” And, St Paul spoke of action without love as a “clanging gong.” St. Paul also named the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, etc. Where are the fruits of the spirit in this post?

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