5 Essentials For Defeating Trump

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As a result of the rising dictatorial leadership of President Trump, who is intentionally and aggressively fanning into flame a level of unprecedented hatred, division, and blind allegiance throughout our nation, there is an increasing anxiety growing across America as many wonder if this evil movement of right-wing conservative ideology can be defeated. With flashbacks to the rise of Hitler and the mass brainwashing of countless Germans who could be led to jettison all morality in exchange for power and privilege, we know these evils to be possible, and fear they could be repeatable.

Thankfully, light does still overcome darkness—there is always hope. We still stand in a moment where good can, once again, overturn evil and, this time, rescue our country from the claws of impending destruction. Yet, it will not be easy and will require keen awareness and focused bravery in the face of an emerging, cunning religious fascism that seeks to commandeer our great nation.

To that end, here are five essentials that must be engaged and uplifted if we are to defeat President Donald Trump and all that he represents.

We Must Connect The Dots– Conservative Evangelicalism has a middle finger, and that middle finger is Donald Trump. There can be no more denial and minimization, all that we see playing out on our national stage has long been brewing in the cauldrons of right wing Christian conservatism. In fact, this diabolical faith system is the one and only true wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings of tyranny. All that we see in Trump has been simmering in the hearts and minds of much of conservative Evangelicalism—racism, white privilege, greed, power, sexism, nationalism, homophobia, xenophobia, and alike—it’s all there and leatherbound. Make no mistake, at the core, conservative Evangelicalism is a fear-driven, hate-driven, and self-centered faith cleverly disguised as Jesus. Tragically, this evil, self-righteous system of belief has seduced and infected many across our nation and now, under the leadership of President Trump, has been pressed and sliced open to freely ooze its pus upon our land. For Trump is merely the head of a religious Monster that has now become unchained and unhinged.

Until conservative Evangelicalism is chased out of the shadows, exposed of its true evil, and dismantled of its influence, Trump will not be defeated and others like him will continue in his path an even accelerate the horrors.       

We Must Expose the End Game– The end game of President Trump and the conservative Evangelicalism that birthed him is nothing less than the complete purification of America and the world of all that threatens and stands against white, male, heterosexual, conservative Christian power and privilege. Don’t be fooled, this is the theocracy to which they aspire and will rationalize any evil in order to facilitate—period, full stop. Ignore all the spiritual veneer, excuses, and sideshows. For them, there is no common good. It does not exist. It is, instead, a concept of weakness–there is only uncommon privilege and power for the privileged and the powerful.

For them, there is no unity, there is only conformity. There is no freedom, there is only compliance. There is no justice, there is only dominance. There is no equality, there is only exceptionalism. There is no making America great again, there is only making America just like them. This awareness is of the utmost importance in the face of a master of deception and deflection.

President Trump and all that he stands for will not be defeated until we learn to read between the lines, discern the nefarious trickery, and consistently expose their true agenda with fierce bravery—that is, the complete purification of America and the world of all that threatens and stands against white, male, heterosexual, conservative Christian power and privilege.

When one supports Trump, this is the end game to which they are aspiring, whether they realize it or not, and to which they must be held accountable. We cannot allow to go unchallenged, the people who support President Trump that declare they have signed up for and support something less sinister. To do so, is to allow the evils of deception to flourish.

We Must Reveal The Trap-  For those who support President Trump, there is an intoxication that takes place that disarms objectivity, rational thinking, and foresight. The rage and fear within that is given permission to take flight creates an urgent, combative narrative that cannot be easily resisted. To be sure, the promise of power and privilege is an addictive cocktail.

Yet, what is kept in full concealment is the reality that in the mind and heart of President Trump and the conservative Evangelicalism that sustains him, people are disposable—even the faithful.

Make no mistake, Trump supporters are being used, and when they are no longer beneficial or color outside the lines, they too will reap the consequences and suddenly become the enemy. For constrictions and intolerances only increase where power and privilege reign. With each day, elitism becomes more elite and the circles of acceptance and conformity become smaller and more stringent. In the eyes of Trump supporters, the sun may be shining now, but dark clouds are surely ahead. What looks like conservatism now, will soon be deemed liberal by comparison to what is next. Be not deceived, power and privilege are insatiable animals of darkness that will eat their own if necessary, or even not.  

President Trump and all that he stands for will not be defeated until this trap is revealed. Only when people wake up and see the coming reality that they, or someone they love, will eventually fail to meet the growing expectations and heightened conformity required under their regime. Only when they realize that to support President Trump in the here and now is to invest in their own future demise, or that of someone they love. Only when we look people in the eye and continually raise the question, “What happens when it’s you?” What happens when it’s your family member? What happens when you or they fail to measure up and march in perfect concert? What happens when you, the oppressor, become the oppressed? Only then, when the trap is revealed and made personal, can Trump and all that he stands for be defeated.

We Must Hold Up The Mirror– For the trance of conservative Evangelicalism is not one that is easily escaped. Yet, still, as futile as it might seem, we must hold up a mirror in hopes of reflecting who we are becoming as a people and a nation under this emerging rule of right-wing Christian imperialism. For under President Trump and conservative Evangelicalism, one can only become either a controlled, manipulated person who eventually steps in line, or a person who is condemned for resisting. Make no mistake, this is the kind of people we are becoming, and this is the kind of nation that is emerging. The dividing line is all too clear, conform or be cast out. Become a conservative Evangelical, or be demonized. Embrace nationalism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism, greed, privilege, white male heterosexual supremacy, or be condemned.  

President Trump and all that he stands for will not be defeated until we see the evil inhumanity of conservative Evangelical beliefs, aspirations, and actions. And, in response, it breaks us to our core as we realize just how far we have fallen from Grace, love, decency, goodness, the ways of Jesus, and His Kingdom. For it will be in that moment, that either we change because we are convicted, or we become more brave in our nonviolent resistance because we further embrace our call.   

We Must Raise The Flag Of True Freedom- One thing is clear, President Trump and the conservative Evangelicalism that supports him do not desire an America this is truly free. Instead, their vision is of a country where there is freedom for some, but not for all. It is within this vision, that laws and policy promote a freedom that is largely served on the tables of the privileged and then rationed out to commoners, if extended at all.   

Yet, what Trump supporters do not realize is that freedom for some, is fear for all. Even the powerful and privileged cannot escape the ever present anxiety of being overthrown by the oppressed whose freedoms are being denied. And certainly, the oppressed cannot outrun the fears of being further condemned and abused by those who would take their freedoms. This, is a sure kind of hell.

President Trump and all that he stands for will not be defeated until freedom is seen as being that which must be extended to all equally, or it is in fact not freedom at all. And therefore, neither will there be peace nor true prosperity where freedom is the wine of the privileged and powerful, and only a future hope for everyone else. For freedom brings no gift, no promise, no justice, no life, and no happiness until it is freedom for all, equally.   

This is how we defeat President Trump and all that he stands for.

Grace is brave. Be brave.


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  1. Richard

    Did you criticize Bush for the wars he started and the Patriot Act? Did you criticize Obama for expanding the Bush wars and renewing the Patriot Act? Both parties are evil and are controlled by the war machine. Trump is no more evil than his predecessors. It’s time for Christians to call out evil on both sides of the aisle, not just Trump.

    • Ann

      A false equivalency

      • ckratzer

        Ann, exactly! Sometimes, that’s the best one can do when your best spiritual gift is deflection and you graduate with a Masters in Missing the Point.

        • Richard

          I did not miss the point. You believe Trump is evil and evangelicals are evil for supporting him. Conservative Christians believe the Democratic Party is evil. I don’t support Republicans or Democrats as they both are controlled by the war machine and Jesus came to bring peace.

          • Earnie

            Richard, what peace did Jesus bring? Jesus was about love for your neighbor and enemies and while war isn’t commonly began with love for an enemy Jesus certainly stirred up discontent with the status quo which is the opposite of peace. Jesus became the target of those in charge because people began to listen to him and they wanted to shut him up by making him an example for his followers which in the end became the catalyst for the change Jesus wanted. To that end I see Chris as one who is stirring up discontent to those who without much thought gleefully follow some political party (regardless of the party line) to give some thought to the content of the persons in charge. Religion and the christian view of religion has no business being expounded by the government leaders. We have freedom to believe whatever we wish to believe about God, Jesus, Mohammad, whomever and expound on the streets which ever belief we choose. Because of this, religious belief is to be set aside by our governing leaders and only judgments based on fact are to be given. So Chris has stirred you to give thought to the facts without your faith and religious rhetoric getting in the way. He has yet to succeed where you’re concerned though because you still expound the religious rhetoric that has been ingrained into you for many years. It is that very religious rhetoric that needs to be left to the curb when choosing those who lead a government that is based on religious freedom. If I can excite you because of religious verbiage expounded during a political campaign then you should look closely at what the true issues are and forget about the religious verbiage. It is that type of verbiage that allows for tyrants to become rulers.

          • ckratzer

            That’s fair. However, my focus is on the conservative Evangelical belief system to which most left-thinking people do not subscribe.

          • Alison Murray

            Did Jesus come to bring peace?
            Matthew 10:34-39 New International Version (NIV)

            34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn

            “‘a man against his father,
            a daughter against her mother,
            a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
            36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’[a]
            37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38 Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

        • Richard

          You made an attempt to belittle rather than engage in a substantive discussion. That says a lot about your character.

          • ckratzer

            I agree. My comment was callous.

          • Mike

            There are real progressive Dems – not perfect but don’t be a child – whereas the GOP is aggressively evil.
            Anyone who can’t see the difference is delusional, that common perspective.

  2. Earnie

    Religion has no business in the measure of how our governmental law should be created. Religion needs to be outside of the governing process. I’m not saying that the person in charge cannot be religious but exploiting religion to lead those who have religious freedom regardless of party is wrong. The only way to change that is with a declarative law that is put on the books. One question I have is how can we as a simple voter have such a mandate be put into practice? How can we as a simple voter stop such bullyishness from occurring at the elected leadership level?

    Now I know that religion and the content of the Bible were created as a means of control of the masses. How do I know that, history has stated as much. Given that, it is not hard to understand how religion has continued as the means of measure to create control and to expound ridiculous ideas. But it is time for change, God did not create government, God allowed government to form to help control the masses. The only way government can change is for the masses to become unhappy with that government and create something new.

    I don’t fear other countries as much as I fear the rise of those who are no longer happy with our own government and start declaring a state of war on our own soil. It’s happened before, it can happen again, it is why the second amendment exists in the first place. States wanted a way to abandon the federal government and take a stand for its citizens. But if it happens again then it will be worse than before as there could be exactly nothing left.

    Let’s find and explain the ways we the simple voter can create law and make that law become a part of the governing law of government. Let’s find and explain ways the simple voter can cause a voted leader to a recall of the people. If we can recall the vote of a leader then we the people have control of the government at the people level where it needs to be.

  3. EWM

    Another slave wants to change masters. How has that worked out for you so far?

  4. s.m.e.

    I’m saddened that you are so consumed by hatred of me simply because my political opinions happen not to align with yours. You seem absolutely and utterly convinced that your political opinions are gospel truth. That’s scary, and it’s hard to see how we will ever bridge the divides in this country if even a pastor feels no shame in unleashing that kind of vitriol and hate.

  5. Earnie

    s.m.e. it’s not hatred of a political matter, it’s the hatred of the religious agenda within the political system that is being targeted and anyone subscribing to the rhetoric being expounded by those candidates and persons in control of that political system. Religion mixed with politics has always been but the U.S.A. was founded on freedom from religion. A candidate and persons in control need to keep their religion to themselves.

    Now as to the religious agenda that has been taught by many we just find what has been and is being taught is fallacious. Jesus came to destroy what people were being taught, now we carry on with that destruction of accepted religious belief. You, me, everyone has the audacious job of communicating God’s love for everyone. If we turn a blind eye to anyone and state you’re a sinner and need to change is in danger of being condemned by his very own judgement.

    As for bridging divides until those who hate stop with the hate then there will always be a divide. We will not stoop to become like those who hate and therefore the divide will continue. What is wrong with this country is that it has yet to subscribe to allowing everyone to feel free. Why do we turn away God’s children from the southern borders and treat them as if they were lepers? Why not instead open the boarders with governmental agreements to allow us to cooperate and incorporate with each other? Building walls is not the answer building governmental bridges are. Accepting those who come to this country as a participant of the good fortune we have helps to lessen the divide you feel we have. We’ve gone to imprisoning families in the name of our rights given to us by Jesus. How is that supposed to help bridging a divide; it doesn’t, it promotes hatred and hatred toward this country, its leaders and the parties who back those leaders. I could go on and on about the hatred presented by our leader proclaiming to be driven by Jesus but I won’t; I just implore your to wake up to what is being spouted by those who lead and want to lead us. If the agenda is more about hate, then turn and walk, no run, away as quickly as possible. Promote those who love all regardless of who they may be.

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