Sorry, Christian Trump Supporter, I Just Can’t Trust You Anymore

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It used to be different.

I may not have always agreed with you, but I respected you and your views. It seemed as if being a person of truth and goodness was a value we mutually upheld.

Sure, we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I never thought it would come to this.

Everything has changed.

So much, that as difficult as it is to say and an even more difficult reality to swallow, if I’m honest, I just can’t trust you anymore. I wish things were different, but they’re not.

Somehow, someway, you still support Trump.

From where I sit, the person you once were is no longer the person you have become.

It baffles me to my core.

Even after he publicly mocks the disabled, brags about “grabbing pussy,” swindles people for cash, labels brown-skinned people as criminals, bullies his perceived enemies, embraces racism and white supremacy, pays off porn stars, lies incessantly, and pimps conspiracy theories, you still give him your “amen” and “hallelujah.”

How can this be?

Are you really that blind and callous?

For Christ’s sake, you won’t even wear a damn mask to protect the life of your neighbor. Your church won’t practice social distancing for the thwarting of a deadly pandemic. And, worse yet, you actually believe Trump was sent by God with anointing.

You actually teach your children to admire him.

You donate your money and your heart to his narcissism.

You give headspace to his lies and ridiculous conspiracy theories.

You give him a pass on everything you have fiercely denounced in others.

You twist the Bible like a breakdancer on crack and rape the person of Jesus in order to rationalize your addiction to power and preferential treatment within society.

Hell, you can’t even see your own white privilege staring you straight in the face.

Trust me, it’s a hard thing to say and even a harder thing to behold, but you’ve come off the rails of having a capacity for discernment and self-control. Your moral compass is calibrated to the black hole of your selfishness, and your soul worships a golden calf glittered with white, conservative Christian supremacy. In the end, there is nearly nothing evangelical, Christian, loving, or Jesus-esque about you. Like the Wizard behind the curtain, the sheep’s clothing that garments your veneer has been torn wide open to reveal the wolf that has long lurked inside you.

I still can’t believe it.

If you can’t see Trump for who he is, your faith for the evil it embraces, and yourself for the person you have become, how am I supposed to see you in my life?

If you lack the courage and clarity to stand for what is right and stand against what is wrong, where should you stand in my life?

I’m sorry, Christian Trump supporter, I just can’t trust you anymore.

The writing is on the wall.


I can’t trust you with educating my children.

I can’t trust you with speaking into my spiritual life.

I can’t trust what you say about God.


I can’t trust you with advising my values and choices.

I can’t trust you to discern good from bad.

I can’t trust you to steer away from fact-denying.

I can’t even trust you to have my best interests at heart.


I can’t trust you to tell the truth.

I can’t trust you to discern evil.

I can’t trust you to be fair.

I can’t even trust you to denounce murder and violence.


I can’t trust you with my friends.

I can’t trust you with my family.

I can’t trust you with my safety.

I can’t even trust you with the little things.

Little things like holding my mail, serving me food, and walking my dog.


Yes, it’s that serious, Yes, it’s that real. Yes, it’s that specific.

Your allegiance to his ridiculousness is the betrayal of our relationship.

So, until you can vehemently reject Trump’s brutal policies of family separations and kids in cages, you can stop lecturing me about being pro-life.

Until you can mandate the removal of police brutality, economic and racial injustice, and educational segregation, you can put down your microphone, “all lives matter.”

Until you are willing to tear down walls of discrimination, racism, and the unwelcoming of refugees, foreigners, and immigrants, you can keep your Old Testament quotations to yourself.

Until you turn the focus towards repenting of your own sins and the sins of your conservative Evangelical faith, you can forget about making me into your spiritual project and Chia Pet-for-Jesus as you hope to grow me into your hypocritical system of believing.

Until you cease to pursue the nationalism of your faith and a false religious freedom that is bent towards your benefit, can you stop trying to convince me that you worship Jesus and not Caesar.

Until you learn to lean not on your own understanding, put people first, and embrace the divinity and affirmation of all, you can stop insisting you occupy the inside scoop on God, the Bible, and how everyone else should be living.

Until you publicly reject the white, sexist, Republican, gun-wielding Jesus of conservative Evangelicalism, you can throw in the towel of your futile attempts to convince me that you worship the Jesus of Nazareth.

Until your faith becomes about the least-of-these instead of the privileged-of-these, the least-of-these instead of the whitest-of-these, the least-of-these instead of the sexist-of-these, and the least-of-these instead of the self-righteous-of-these, you can take everything about your faith, everything about your beliefs, and everything about who you have become and dance it all in front of me, but the scales have fallen from eyes and the truth has set me free.

Your loyalty to Trump has shown me everything I need to know about you, your faith, and the god you serve.

You can’t be trusted.

So, let me save you some time and disheartenment.

I will not believe the beliefs you believe.

I will not worship the idols to which you bow.

I will not become the evil you have become.

And most of all, I will not open my eyes, my heart, nor my life to any person or entity like you whose faith is so dedicated and committed to seeking its own way, that it is even willing to discriminate, demonize, and destroy all that is true, good, factual, and humane.

Sorry, Christian Trump Supporter, I just can’t trust you anymore.

And, to be honest, it scares me that I ever did.


Grace is brave. Be brave.

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  1. Kay wheeler

    If none would speak for HIM, even the stones would cry out. Thank you for being one of those stones.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks Kay!

  2. Alan Leonard

    Your post rings true. Before the election I was concerned as a Christian that if Mr. Trump was re-elected, and Christians were seen as the primary reason for his victory, that for the many who care that truth matters and are offended that for Trump it doesn’t, that Christians not only would lose their witness but that they would be hated. I had hoped that the election would have served to repudiate the kind of man he is, but even in loss, the corruptive influence of this immoral man continues to undermine the moral and spiritual bearings of the country, including believers who continue to embrace Trump over truth. My hope is that fellow Christians would once again focus on Christ.

    • ckratzer

      Well said, Alan.

  3. Marion Wiley

    This whole thing is so distressing. Thank you for nailing it again.

    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Mt 24:24

    • ckratzer

      Thank you Marion! It is distressing for sure!

  4. Elsie Anne

    Let us keep in mind that although Trump is a complete whack-job, he is not entirely an anomaly. He is the natural culmination of the GOP ‘s descent into deception, racism, arrogance, fear-mongering, and greed.
    He is also a cult leader supported by evangelical churches who, in their effort to preserve Biblical literalism, have groomed their members to distrust science, scorn the conclusions of educated experts, expect miracles, live in fear of Armageddon, and trust charismatic leaders who claim to be empowered by God.
    Evangelical churches are complicit in this mess, and if they ever re-discovered all those love-thy-neighbor teachings of Jesus and divorced themselves from the right-wing rhetoric, they would have the power to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.
    I pray that they will wake up.

    • ckratzer

      Elsie, I pray that as well.

  5. SarahM


    I do have to ask you a question if you don’t mind. Why is any of this a surprise? You do realize that most of the conservative right wing evangelicals are only slightly to the left of Westboro Baptist Church. The only difference between the 2 was that there was a restraint on the language that was used, but the attitudes were one and the same.

    Those of us that were classified as the unlovely, the sinners, the outcasts and the abominations have gotten this for decades from the conservative right wing evangelicals.
    Trump just gave them a voice to finally show what was really in their heart. Trump just told them what they wanted to hear and he was going to give them the desires of their heart.

    And the sad part is most will not see how bankrupt they really are.

    • ckratzer

      To me, it’s not a surprise. But, the purpose of my writing isn’t merely to communicate my voice, but the voice of others who may be at different places in their journey.

      • Ash

        I agree with many of your points, but I have one bone to pick. It is OK to accept a lying, cursing, swearing , porn-patron, deceptive, poor-hating Trump, but he must first REPENT. Did he? And this is to question Evangelicals must answer if Jesus would allow such a person in their rank. He has to admit hi fallibility, repent and then allowed into the Evangelical fold . The absence of repentance (Book of Acts, 3:19) means that these Evangelicals are hypocrites their Savior is different that the one in the Bible.

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