Sorry, Christian, You Can’t Love Jesus and Support Trump

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It’s time.

It’s time to draw the line.

Jesus did the same.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.” Matthew 23:15

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.” Matthew 23:17-28

In all of these instances, Jesus makes it crystal clear, there comes a certain point where if you hold to certain things, allow certain things, and do certain things, you can’t claim a love and faithfulness to Him, period. Your devotion to one is to despise the other. There is no in between. 

In the same way, the Spirit again is raising Her voice. God isn’t going to let anyone fake it anymore, play their self-righteous cards, nor disguise the wolf inside of them under the cover of sheep’s clothing. The prepackaged excuses that, “He was better than Hillary,” “I can’t stand abortion,” or “Our country needs to get back to Christianity,” are like filthy rags before the Lord. 

The time has come for the truth to be revealed and declared upon the mountain tops, you can’t support Trump and love Jesus. Your devotion to this man is to despise the Son of Man. There is no in between. 

To be sure, beyond a shadow of doubt and party politics, President Trump is an unrepentant, habitually lying, bullying, racist, glutinous, profane, special needs mocking, sexual assaulting man whose character, vision. and leadership stand in stark opposition to that of Jesus. In examination of his past and present record, he couldn’t even pass the screening process to serve in a church nursery. 

However, was it most alarming and defining is what the Trump presidency reveals about you who support him and your brand of Christian believing. As our attitudes and actions in regards to money reveal who we truly worship, your actions and attitudes in regards to Trump unveil the same. You believe Trump was sent by God, I believe that is true. Yet, you believe his purpose is to return our nation back to you, your prosperity, and your faith understanding. I believe it is to reveal an x-ray of your heart, soul, and the god you truly worship. And sadly, the results aren’t good, in fact they are terrifying—inhumane, anti-Christ, and even un-American.    

By your support of Trump and what he represents, it’s clear that you love your own financial security and prosperity more than Jesus, whose way is to place special care, sacrificial favor, and first priority to the vulnerable, poor, and marginalized.

It’s clear that you love the dominance of your Christian faith in society more than you love morality, Godliness, biblical holiness, and ethical integrity.

It’s clear that you love white privilege and supremacy more than God-authored equality and the divine image God mirrored into all humanity, regardless of color, creed, race, or sexuality.

It’s clear that you love the kingdom of white American Christian conservatism more than you love the diverse, color-blind, least-of-these focused, servant-hearted Kingdom of Jesus.

It’s clear that Christian prayer and priority in the public square is more important than your living of Jesus at home, work, and in all of society.

It’s clear that you worship the Bible when it serves your agenda to lord your brand of faith over society, but cleverly discard it when it serves the agenda of Jesus to align your creeds to His ways of service, sacrifice, and placing others above self.

In the end, by your support of Trump, your true confession of faith rings for all to hear.

Money is more important than morality.

Power is more important than principle.

Privilege is more important than people.

Your faith brand is more important than freedom for all. 

Loving your way of life is more important than loving your enemies

Your will and ways are more important than the will and ways of Jesus.

In fact, when it’s all said and done, it’s increasingly clear, the only reason why you support Trump is because of what you perceive he is doing to protect and prosper your white, conservative Christian power, privilege, and elite way of living. So much, that it seems as if Satan were to agree to accomplish the same, you’d find  a way to embrace every rationalization needed,  and proudly wear his hat and chant his slogans too. For with over 11,000 proven lies and misleading statements since taking office, with an average of 15 lies per day, the Father of Lies apparently has an eager understudy, his name is Donald Trump. 

Yet, most tragic, is the sure result of how his lying and misleading of the American public has greatly increased your capacity and willingness to lie and mislead yourself. 

In fact, it’s hard to look away as the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance has become overwhelming.

You’re pro-birth when it favors you politically, but anti-life when minorities threaten your majority.

You’re pro-Jesus when He’s portrayed as being wrapped in the American flag, white-skinned, Republican, and carrying a machine gun, but you’re anti-Jesus when He’s welcoming the immigrant, defending the marginalized, loving people equally and uninterruptedly, treating the outcast and vulnerable with favor, condemning violence, and confronting your selfish imperialism.  

You’re socialistic when it pours wealth into your cup, no matter the economic divide it creates, but anti-socialistic when it calls you to pour out from your prosperity, privilege, and power to close the systematic oppressions that keep people from challenging and sharing your status.

You say it’s all about making immigration “legal” while you chant “send her back” to a brown-skinned, female, “legal” citizen and Congresswoman of the United States of America who isn’t politically loyal to your agenda. 

Like a serial killer who enjoys holding His grandchildren, your love of people only extends as far it benefits you and doesn’t distract for your underlying and overriding impulse to feed your insatiable lust for power and privilege, no matter who or what it kills in the process. 

Just because you have color-skinned friends, adopt a child from another country, go on mission trips, give minorities jobs, or raise their level in society a few pegs, doesn’t mean you aren’t a bigoted racist. It may just mean you can’t help but deceive yourself into believing that allowing people some crumbs off your table and fashioning the appearance of caring makes you a genuine follower of Jesus and justifies your brand of believing.

Unfortunately, to the detriment of your integrity and faith credibility, the way of Jesus isn’t to merely tolerate others as a lesser human being, but rather to see yourself as completely and thoroughly equal to them and in inseparable divine kinship with them. 

This is the love and way of Jesus you refuse, and quite frankly, your brand of Christianity stands vehemently against. This is the Kingdom of Jesus coming down upon the earth that you rush to wall off from entering into your heart, home, schools, government, society, and country. 

The thought that, under heaven and by God’s design, you are no better, no more favored, no more anointed, and no more approved than any other sends your heart into a tailspin of hatred and frustration. The call upon your faith and life to go to the back of the line, sacrificially serve those who believe and act differently than you, and give priority and favor to the minority and the marginalized causes your veins, like those of the rich young ruler and the workers in the field, to swell up with rage. This is why, even when given biblically faithful alternatives, you are determined to use and interpret the Bible in ways that give license and promotion to your desires to rule the world, highjack America and her equal freedoms, be granted privilege within it, cleanse it of all that is different from you, and subdue your perceived enemies under your feet. 

Claiming to love Jesus while supporting Trump may be fooling yourself, but it’s not fooling God nor the rest of us.

You can sing, pray, and declare that you love Jesus with every breath in your lungs, but your actions confess your true beliefs and the god of your ultimate worship… self.  

In your mind, what this life, what this world, what your god, and what this country should be centered upon is you and your white, conservative Christian faith, prosperity, and way of life. Apparently, even it means the exclusion of all others, even Jesus.

For until you seek true equality for all, you seek Trump, not Jesus.

Until you value morality more than money, you value Trump, not Jesus.

Until you prioritize people over your privilege and power, you prioritize Trump, not Jesus.

Until you place self last and others first, you place Trump first and Jesus last.

Until you are pro-all-of-life, not just pro-birth, you are pro-Trump and anti-Jesus.

Until you desire mercy, sacrifice, and enemy love above condemnation, greed, and violence, you desire the kingdom of Trump, not the Kingdom of Jesus.

Until the mind of the perfect Christ within you is more influential than your imperfect, biased interpretation of the imperfect Bible in front of you, Trump is more influential to you than Jesus.

Until you welcome and give safe harbor to the immigrant and the refugee, you welcome Trump and wall off Jesus.

Until you stop condemning, marginalizing, and demonizing those who believe, choose, live, love, and act differently than you, you condemn, marginalize, and demonize Jesus and idolize, normalize, and worship Trump.

In much the same way that you can’t serve God and money, you can’t love Jesus and support Trump.

So, as the words of an Old Testament writer admonish, “Choose this day whom you will serve…”

Sadly, it’s becoming all to clear, you’ve made your choice.


Grace is brave. Be brave. 

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  1. Thomas the polytheist.

    I MAY be wrong. It is becoming more and more apparent to me. That the end of false teaching is being allowed. So that we may start anew. I also get frustrated and disgusted with evangelism. I am placing belief in the resurrection of the faith closer to the teachings of Jesus. Rather than the gold ring designer suit faith of the mega churches. When the path is again Christianity rather than Religinatiy. The day will come that even the like minded will stand behind a pulpit and denounce those that ask the television attendees to provide them with a new private jet. YES you may call me Polly Anna about Christ. I truly believe we are at a precipice of a sort.

    • ckratzer

      Thomas, I appreciate your thoughts, thanks for taking the time to comment!


    Supporters of Donald J. Trump are NOT Christian in the authentic sense. They are “christian” in word only. Borrowing one of Trump’s favorite words, they are FAKE. Trump supporters, mostly white evangelical and fundamentalist, are consumed with hatred and intolerance. Many are poorly educated or they are too lazy to seek Truth. They are the self-righteous hypocrites about whom The Gospels warn us.

    The truly sad and sorrowing aspect of all this is how Trump and his minions are tearing down and tearing apart the United States. That has been Trump’s objective all along. Trump is an enemy of our Republic.

    • ckratzer

      Vincent, thanks for commenting, I tend to agree.

  3. Graham

    I don’t think his Christian followers understand the grey area between love and support.

    • ckratzer

      Graham, thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Jason

    He has also repeatedly rejected the need for salvation saying he does not need God’s forgiveness. Thus he rejects the need for Christ death and resurrection. He has said he can be forgiven his few minor sins by his good works alone. This is completely not compatible with the Christian faith.

    • ckratzer

      Jason, thanks for the comment. A refusal to receive God’s forgiveness is contrary to many people’s understanding of the Gospel. Beyond whether one agrees that faith and repentance is necessary, it certainly says a lot about Trump.

    • Dee Ross

      It has often been said that Jesus forgives sinners. My point is that Trump has taken up so much of Jesus’s “confessional” time, that no simple sinner who truly wants to repent stands a chance of getting to the front of the forgiveness queue. I am agnostic, but I completely respect how much a strong sense of faith means to so many people. Carry on , ye of faith and integrity!

  5. Beltana Spellsinger


    I think that this is beautifully written, and eloquently offered. I will share this on my page, and when I have the extra money, I will buy and read your book.

    I believe that this article puts a necessary perspective into wise words, (hard for some people to hear) and shines a great light on A Great Truth.

    Jesus… wouldn’t have liked this. He wouldn’t like what this world is becoming. I feel that very strongly. I am not a “religious” person, and I feel more drawn to Mary Magdalene than I do to Jesus Christ, but I do love Jesus, and believe that his earliest teachings were full of beauty, and were much different and more pure than what they have become today. I think Jesus would weep if he saw (or is seeing) what it has become today.

    I weep for all of those who are so misguided, who allow hate and fear to rule their lives. I weep for loved ones and relatives, that believe that this is, somehow, for some insane, blind reason, still… their truth.

    Love and peace to you, and thank you. <3

    May Love be in your heart.

    • ckratzer

      Beltana, thank you so much for your kind words and for this thoughtful comment to my article!

    • Lois Hauger

      Beltana, beautifully put! Between Chris’s original post, and your description of our current situation, I still hold onto a sliver of hope that not all followers are compromised…thank you ✌️

  6. Bob

    I appreciate what you’ve said in this article/essay. I must admit, you’ve said it a little more stridently than I would have, but the substance rings true to me.

    What seems significant to me is that Jesus, when he spoke his criticisms and most dire warnings, he didn’t address them to the people or the government leaders of the day, he addressed them to the religious leaders. The worst he could say about the government was to call Herod a “fox”. I would love to hear any further comment you might have about that.

    Again, thank you for speaking out.

    • ckratzer

      In my assessment, spiritualized evil has always led the way towards the worst human atrocities. I think Jesus was/is wise to the true source of much of what harms humanity through humanity–religion.

  7. GP

    Chris Kratzer, you are one very self-righteous, confused person. Must be missing baby-killer Obama?

    What a fool!

  8. Clive Goodwill

    I’m Truly amazed to see the Nonsense in the Article and then the Lunacy of the Comments. You who agree with this Article are Not Born Again. I will say only this. 80% of the Born again Christians in the USA support President Trump and actually put him into Power. They, I suppose in your thinking, the 80% are Deceived and you are seeing accurately? The Mind Boggles at your Arrogance.

  9. James Boswell

    Years ago I was a fervent believer in Christ. I attended/graduated (at great cost) Dallas Theological Seminary. I have always had this nagging, subtle sense that something is just not right My experiences working with white evangelicals made it crystal clear…they are severely damaged by their racism. I believe their conscience is seared beyond their ability to change. How else can you make sense of the failure to ban military-styled weapons, their vote for, and continued support of, trump. When trump referred to Black athletes’ moms as female dogs (rhymed with ditches), pols should pols among conservatives (many of the Christian) goes up! How can this be! Twenty-nine women reported being raped, assaulted by Trump. He has no respect for the sanctity of marriage, which White Evangelicals say they held so dear. He lies and talks about everyone incessantly. But still the fervently support him. Again, How can this be?

    If Jesus is real (I find that I doubt it more and more these days), I am afraid that the only way these people will change is through severe suffering, which imho is the only thing that repairs a seared conscious.

  10. cris kramschuster

    you sound like a pharisee

  11. Lori

    Insightful article. I am a Christian and I didn’t vote for Trump. Christians are peacemakers. Trump creates chaos and division. I don’t agree that God chose Trump to be president. In Bible times, the people chose their leaders, just as we choose our leaders today. God raised up the leader that the people chose, even when the leader was not God’s choice. 1 Samuel 8:18-When that day comes, you will cry out because of the king you chose for yourselves, but on that day the LORD won’t answer you. Many Christians misinterpret Romans 13:1-7. When they read Romans 13:1-7, they believe that they have to submit to all governing authorities. We are to follow civil law that aligns with God’s Word. God’s Word has highest authority. We don’t have to follow laws that don’t align with God’s Word.

  12. Jackie

    You are an awesome and very truthful writer. I agree with you 100% but never new how to express it. Im blown away by this. Your heart is in the right place. Thank you for caring.

    • ckratzer

      Jackie, thanks so much for these kind words. It’s an honor to have you read and comment!

  13. Lynne

    Your article is even more important today…2 weeks before our election. I have been searching to make sense of Christians who follow Trump and I just can not understand their blind obedience to him. I am a lifelong Christian and don’t see anything Jesus worthy in Trump and am truly struggling to understand this crazy, hateful world. Kids in cages? Mocking Biden’s stutter? Cheating, lying, abusive to women, beholden to Putin? Still scratching my head but thank you for your insight.

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