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Countless people are losing their faith in God, Jesus, Church, and Christianity. Many feel deeply damaged and led astray by their experiences within church and the Christian faith. The duplicity, the judgementalism, the allegiance to politics, and the bullying of the vulnerable and the different have isolated many. Every Sunday, it seems, there is a new chorus of condemnation, shame, and religious elitism. God is portrayed as a hating, violent, temperamental, murderous, codependent, and exclusive deity. The Christian faith is pimped as a performance-driven, privileged-laden, fear-focused, and conditional faith. In the hearts and minds of many, the religious-right has hijacked Jesus and made him into the mascot of their bigotry, discrimination, power, and greed. In his book, “Stupid Shit Heard In Church,” pastor and author Chris Kratzer boldly confronts the evils of much of modern Christianity and charts a new path of faith that rescues Jesus out of the claws of conservative Evangelicalism. Within essays of artistically crafted words wrapped in deep, revolutionary meaning, Chris gives powerful voice to the religiously oppressed; affirming and encouraging their value, inclusion, and worth. He unveils incredible, fresh new ways of understanding, believing, and living as a person of faith. As one reader declares, “This book is going to change the world!”