The Horrific Gospel Of White MAGA Christianity

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Among MAGA Christians, it’s a deeply loved story.

Noahs’ Ark.

Everyone’s heard it.


The ideas, themes, and tenets are simple…


1) The default position of God is to kill His enemies.

2) God sees his newly-created humanity as falling short of expectations.

3) Fueled by wrath, His best idea is to mass murder all of them through a global flood.

4) The “good news” is that God saves a precious, redeemable few on an Ark.


“I am going to destroy all flesh because the world is full of violence.”  -Genesis 6

Oh, the irony. God’s response to violence is to commit more violence.


Wonderful, isn’t it?

Millions of babies, children, families, and people screaming, gasping, and drowning. God’s a murderous tyrant, but no big deal. Let’s paint murals about it in the halls of our Children’s Ministry. Indoctrinate them early.

In the mind and heart of MAGA Christianity, “No need for critical thinking or discerning. We love it. As is. Every bit of it.” “Praise God for His faithfulness. He is holy, just, and good!” In fact, you’ll never hear a MAGA Christian question it or denounce it. Instead, they will even recreate it, line by line and piece by piece, and even lay down some serious cash to celebrate it and make it a tourist attraction.

This isn’t just the story of Noah’s Ark. This is the horrific Gospel of white, MAGA Christianity. Sadly, it has all their treasured themes–enemies, murder, hate, violence, duplicity, hypocrisy, elitism, and privilege–all spiritualized for their viewing and doing pleasure.

Enter Jesus.  

It’s been years since the days of Noah’s Ark. Apparently, God still hasn’t been through an anger management course. Not surprisingly, much of humanity is still pissing Him off. But this time, God decides that He won’t send a flood. Instead, He wields a hot, burning hell of fire. Threading his beard with His fingers, he chuckles to himself, “Floods are for amateurs.”

But, don’t be misled, God’s not a monster, right? No, new leaves are being turned. This time, he creates a “loving” work-around to keep a larger, select group of people from becoming the next victims of his default position to kill his enemies. Pacing the halls of heaven, he conjures up his best idea yet–Jesus. God will murder His own son Jesus instead. It’s brilliant! Then, those who believe all the correct things about Jesus and follow the rules will be saved and go to heaven, gated and sealed far away from all the dirty, disgusting, unbelievers. It’s a win, win. God still gets to murder something, but keeps a larger, select group of people alive so He can sleep a bit better at night, curled up in his hell-heated blanket.

Nothing to see here. Millions of people who somehow, for whatever reason, miss the MAGA Christian mark will spend eternity tortured forever in hell. That’s right, tortured in hell, forever. At least, in the flood they got to die, but in hell they are forced to live forever being tortured by demons and fire. God’s a diabolical, vindictive mass torturer who’s powerless to save all, and creates a system of winners and losers, right and wrong, saved or unsaved, heaven or hell, and calls it all “love” and the “Kingdom.”

In the heart and mind of MAGA Christianity, “No big deal, no need for critical thinking or discerning. We love it. As is. Everything about it. Just act, believe, join, live, and become exactly like us and you’ll be fine.” “Holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty!”

It’s the Ark 2.0 We win! Everyone else… tortured forever.

Enter the Native American Indian.

Minding their own business and tending to their own lives with a gentle spirit, they possess and steward their land with great care and competency. Yet, white, male Christians, intoxicated by years of being groomed by the horrific gospel of white MAGA Christianity, travel vast oceans with an ominous heart willing to take what is not their own, at any price. They arrive on the shores of Native land, ready to conquer. When greeted by the Indigenous people, they discern their beautiful, peaceful humanity, not as an opportunity for mutual respect and partnership, but rather for exploitation. Soon, they will rape, pillage, steal, and destroy the American Indian and their land, convinced they are spiritually justified in doing so. In their white, 15th century MAGA minds, they rationalize and determine that the American Indian is evil and must be colonized or killed.

It’s the Ark 3.0. Manifest Destiny. Drown the Red man, long live the white man.

Nothing to see here. Millions of men, women, children, and babies raped, pillaged, and murdered. Land stolen, lives destroyed, an entire people erased from the planet.

In the heart and mind of white MAGA Christianity, “No big deal. No need for critical thinking or discerning. Besides, look at what God did with the flood. Murder, death, cleaning house, it’s just part of God’s glorious plan” “This land is your land, this land is my land. From California to the New York island!”

Enter slavery.

This new Ark 3.0 needs building. In their minds, God has bigger dreams. It’s to be a nation, not just a boat. A country, not just a colony.

In the beginning, in order to do the heavy lifting, they enslaved the American Indian, but soon an even better option presented itself–the black man.

Experts at using the Bible to justify their bidding, these white, male MAGA Christians personified God as creating a lesser, evil race best suited for slavery. It was an economic decision as much as it was a racial one. Money is power. Power is privilege. And, in the mind and heart of white MAGA Christianity, the white man was destined by God to lord and hoard it all. But if Ark 3.0 was going to succeed, it needed little Arks spread out everywhere. Little Arks to manage the spiritualization of slavery, stoke the hell fires, and rationalize, promote, and protect whiteness everywhere.

Enter church.

MAGA churches here. MAGA churches there. Patriarchal, white, privilege-promoting, and racist-ladened churches everywhere. Some protestant, some not. It didn’t matter, the horrific Gospel of white MAGA Christianty was upstairs, downstairs, around the corner, on every corner. It was baked into nearly every expression of Christianity. In fact, if early American Christianity and churches were centered on, “loving your neighbor as yourself” there wouldn’t be many early churches, and perhaps, not much of early American Christianity. That wasn’t their purpose. Instead, someone had to repeatedly spiritually justify all these evils, and MAGA churches were a critical, necessary place.

Sadly, this is still true today. The desire to build Ark 3.0 is still much alive. It’s the white MAGA American dream.

When it’s all said and done, this is what America means to white, male MAGA Christianity. For them, it’s a divinely created Ark where God destroys their enemies and saves them alone from the rest of the evil world. It’s uniquely blessed, privileged, and protected by God for the white man, established through the spiritually justified murder, marginalization, and demonization of millions of people. Men, women, children, and babies. Nothing to see here. “God Bless America, land that I love!’

Everywhere white MAGA Christianity goes, there you will find an enemy they must fight, violence as their solution, and white privilege their ultimate priority. History tells the tale, many more people die because of MAGA Christianity than ever live and find life because of it.

It’s heaven for them, hell for the rest.

Freedom for them, conformity for the rest

Prosperity for them, poverty for the rest.

Inclusion for them, exclusion for the rest.

Divine favor for them, condemnation for the rest.

Anointed biblical interpretation for them, heresy for the rest.

Double standards for them, one standard for the rest.

It’s Noah’s Ark 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 for them, infinite devastation for the rest.


This is the horrific gospel of white, MAGA Christianity.

I am going to destroy all flesh because the world is full of violence.” -Genesis 6


God’s response to violence is to commit more violence.

There is nothing more MAGA Christian than that.


Grace is brave. Be brave.


  1. Allan Wade Eickelmann

    This is why I say that the Christian Right is neither.

    • ckratzer

      Indeed! Thanks for reading this article!

  2. Jack Heppner

    This is about as raw as the telling gets but sadly it is the way the story goes! I was raised in it but have fled from it and find myself embraced by a God of love most of these MAGA Christians have never imagined

    • ckratzer

      I hear ya, Jack! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  3. Paul Appleby

    This is a powerful commentary on the history of “mankind”!

    • ckratzer

      History tells the tale, for those who have ears to hear it. Thanks Paul for your comment!

  4. John Allan Poe

    Chris never disappoints me. Maybe the decline of membership in maga Christianity is self evident of people waking up. Wonderfully written piece.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks John, sure appreciate your encouraging words and the time taken to express them!

  5. Karl Vickers

    As an African American I can tell you that many black churches are also spell bound to a literal interpretation of the bible and would drown anyone in a bucket of holy water if that person even attempted to introduce actual unbiased biblical scholarship into the conversation. Indoctrination is a powerful thing! Great work Chris.

    • ckratzer

      Kark, I agree! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Donna Sattler

    Wow! Great article, so sad but honest. Growing up Catholic, not sure where my faith is anymore. So splintered lately. Great conversation starter here for anyone of Christian faith, wanting a real discussion with logic!

    • ckratzer

      Donna, thanks so much for reading and responding to my article. And, thanks for “getting it.”

  7. Rog

    What an absolute misrepresentation of people and their beliefs…leftist propaganda at its finest.

    • ckratzer

      Rog, from my experience and that of countless others, I respectfully disagree.

    • Dee Marie

      Truth can be hard to swallow by guilty people.

    • Deidre

      Read it again

  8. Anita Claire Herring

    Thank you for writing this.

    • ckratzer

      Thank you for reading it! 🙂

  9. Jennifer Parker

    Amazing! So well written and evokes such strong emotions for me. Unfortunately, it’s also so accurate.

  10. Robyn

    Very well written, and the point is clear. I was waiting for the part where you explain what God is actually doing, and how Christianity is supposed to work. I always end up feeling like I am a worm who is just not capable of understanding.

  11. Barb Anspach

    Modern day Native Americans would disagree that they’ve been wiped out. The intent was there, but Indians survived. Forgetting that they exist is another sin of white Americans.

  12. Joris John Heise

    In fundamental agreement with your effort to tug people back towards a more tender view of a loving God, I see this mythic story as much a parable as anything Jesus provided, with the caveat that all parables, like all poetry, require the heart of a viewer to “get” the loving (and not angry) element. Elsewhere today, I compared the “money” view of “the Dawn of Everything”‘s indigenous humans (versus the European emphasis on money) with that of Jesus’s view that money and power are the antithesis of his community-view. In a parallel consideration, I also want to mention my conviction that we are in an era when a deeper faith will replace the conformist requirement of much Christianity (and other religions) in due time–a “Great Transformation” is happening (as in 600-500 BCE). People will come to see the “flawed” parable–though inspirig value–that the Scripture is.

  13. Spiro

    I hear you saying that “MAGA Christianity” is not the real gospel. So what is the real gospel?

    • Jack

      Love and Grace. It’s that simple

  14. RayRIrvin

    MAGA Christianity is nothing more than Make Me Feel Good for Money Business,
    By telling people god loves you but hates THEM, them being a constantly moving target to keep the flock contributing $ !

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