If Evangelicals Truly Cared About Abortion

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Let’s cut to the chase.

White, male-driven, conservative Evangelicalism would love for us all to believe that, despite some of them having a distaste for certain attributes of President Trump, they give their loyalty to him because they believe he is anti-abortion and pro-life. In their reasoning, this issue supersedes all others. They argue that the protection and preservation of the most vulnerable of human life is paramount. 

Indeed, this justification may help them feel good about themselves, believing that they are aligning themselves with the Bible and God’s will. However, in truth, for many, their stance against abortion is actually the ultimate hoax. Where all other excuses for their support of Trump have revealed their hypocrisy, their position against abortion is the last card in their deck to seemingly justify their vote for Trump and keep some form of integrity. 

To further lubricate their commitment to Trump, they paint progressives as being in bloodthirsty support of abortion and the sole engine that drives the “murder of millions of babies.” Like the false flag of the Gulf of Tonkin, Evangelicals must have an enemy to fight in order to sell and legitimize their faith, even if it means contriving one through issues like abortion. 

That’s why so many Evangelicals desperately want to conceal the truth that progressives hate the idea and reality of abortion, and that progressives want the eradication of it as much as anyone. No one wants to humanize the womb more than progressives–period, full stop. 

Evangelicals also don’t want people to realize, as progressives do, that solving the issue of abortion is much more complicated than other simple issues like police brutality, kids in cages, and mass shootings, of which Evangelicals are, ironically, desperate to make so difficult to address and solve. 

Within the many layers of solving abortion, progressives reject the conservative Evangelical methods of subjugating women’s rights, denying science, and belittling medical truth, especially at the feet of a brutal, hypocritical, conservative Evangelical patriarchy. Contrary to what Evangelicals would have the world believe, there are no progressive, pro-choice people who cherish the idea and act of abortion. For them, this issue is both complex, heart-wrenching, and holistic in its solving. Every progressive believes life matters, from womb to tomb. 

However, apparently, that is not the case for much of white, male-driven, conservative Evangelicalism. With their obvious preferences of school shootings over gun control, children in cages over welcoming the foreigner, police brutality over police accountability, mass incarceration over racial justice, a rich-favored economy over care for the least-of-these, and the military industrial complex over universal healthcare and economic justice for all, their priorities and values are crystal clear. There is almost nothing “pro-life” about white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical Christianity. And quite frankly, when it’s all said and done, so many of them don’t give it crap. With tremendous fear of losing control, power, and privilege, instead of coming clean with their duplicity, they cling all-the-more tighter to their MAGA hats. Indeed, their vehement declarations of being pro-life and anti-abortion are the ultimate fake news. 

This is why, like never before, now is the time for people to smell the oscillating fan of crap they are trying to blow up the ass of America in regards to abortion. 

In fact, the Scripture writer warned of the same diversion tactics now being used by Evangelicals.

“From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit. They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace. Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.” Jeremiah 6:14-16 

In this passage from the Bible, God is upset. The religious people of the day are exploiting harmful problems for personal, political gain and not addressing their true solutions. They act like they care, but intentionally allow the issues to remain unresolved. They outwardly insist that they desire a way forward, but inwardly they have no real desire at all. 

Trump and many conservative Evangelicals treat “abortion” the same. They outwardly declare that they are “pro-life” and detest abortion. They feverishly rant against how many “babies” are being murdered. Many make abortion their defining issue as to the reason why they support Trump. They promote themselves as wanting to make it illegal, as if that was the cure. It all looks and sounds so spiritual to the casual observer. Yet, inwardly, for many, they have little-to-no heart for a real solution. For if they did, they would be addressing, providing for, and adopting the proven remedies that positively impact abortion. But, they don’t. 

Instead, with deceit, believe it or not, they actually want to keep the abortion issue alive because it manipulates their voters. Without it, they have no drum to beat and no provocative enemy upon which to summon their troops to fight. The need to create the illusion that they lead the way against abortion while making sure it remains unresolved, that they might remain in power. 

In fact, perfectly credible and widely known statistics show that abortion rates have gone down significantly with the kind of Democratic leadership that approaches abortion wholistically and addresses the real issues that can bring real change. Yet sadly, these same statistics reveal that under Republican leadership, abortion significantly increases–that’s the facts. 


Yet, with Trump at their side, many conservatives ”do not even know how to blush” at the truth about abortion, how they exploit it, and how they resist actual remedies. Instead, they declare “Pro-life, pro-life” where there is no pro-life among them. All in hopes of drowning out the biblical voice crying out in the wilderness, “Make straight the ways of the Lord to heal abortion and cure its causes.” 

See, if Evangelicals truly cared about abortion they would be far less concerned about making abortion unavailable and far more concerned about making it unneeded. But, they aren’t. Instead, they are outwardly striving to make abortion illegal and, therefore, willing to put the “lives” of pregnant women at greater risk while actually failing to decrease the numbers of abortions. In places where abortion is illegal, over 70,000 women die from unsafe abortions every year while abortion rates actually increase.

If Evangelicals truly cared about abortion they would be champions for women’s equality, men’s sexual accountability, birth control for men, the demise of toxic masculinity, and the cessation of male rape culture. But, they aren’t. In fact, their support of a President who advocates, “grabbing women by the pussy” reveals everything we need to know about their true concerns for abortion and life. 

If Evangelicals truly cared about abortion they would be leading the way at teaching men and boys how to make respectful and responsible choices concerning their own sexual behavior. They would be teaching men that it’s abhorrent to use coercion, assault, and exploitation to satisfy their own hunger for sex and power. But, they aren’t.

In fact, men could actually prevent all abortions by using condoms and/or rejecting unprotected sex. The science is pretty clear; no sperm, no baby, no abortion. If white, conservative Evangelical men want to lord over women and prevent abortions, they could start and end by keeping their abortion-maker in their pants. But sadly, they aren’t.

If Evangelicals truly cared about abortion they would be declaring from the mountain tops, “The problem with abortion isn’t the post-conception choices of women, it’s the pre-conception choices of men.” “Men are the problem, the sin, and the solution, long before women.” But, yet again, they aren’t. 

If Evangelicals truly cared about abortion they would be leading the way at having a vision and commitment for fostering a society in which all women have the information and means necessary to prevent unintended pregnancies, to carry healthy pregnancies to term, to raise their children with safety, stability, and dignity, and to have safe abortions when necessary.

This means providing insurance coverage and public funding for family planning. This means  greater access to contraception. This means effective programs that combat domestic violence and sexual abuse. 

This means, first and foremost, the valuing of economic justice. 

This means giving women the means to have and raise a child in health and safety. In fact, the most common reasons women choose abortion is because they cannot afford a(nother) child. By providing low-income and young women with genuine education and career opportunities, health care, child care, housing, services for disabled children, and other basic supports, many would have the resources they need to fulfill the serious obligations that parenting brings.

Yet, sadly, this is not the heart nor aspirations of many Evangelicals.

In fact, it should be of no surprise to anyone that, for many, their white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical stance on abortion isn’t about caring about abortion at all, not even close. 

Instead, truth be told, it’s actually about being “against” the full fruition of women’s equality, the sexual accountability of white men, and the cessation of their religious dominance to dictate the lives of all others. This is the Evangelical wizard behind the curtain. This is why they support Trump under the guise of being anti-abortion. Clearly, the only lives that matter to him are his own and that of white, male-driven, American, conservative Evangelicals. There is almost nothing “pro-life” about the presidency of Donald Trump, and many white, conservative Evangelicals are totally cool with that as long as he joins them and leads the way in dismantling the enemies of their pursuit of supremacy. 

I mean, isn’t it interesting that many Evangelicals demand their God-given freedom to NOT wear a mask in order to protect the lives and prevent the deaths of other people while they wave signs declaring, “My body, my choice?”


So, one more time for the people in the back. The reason why so much of white, male-driven, conservative Evangelical Christianity makes such a big deal about abortion isn’t because they are “for” life, “for“ birth, or “for” Jesus. Not a chance. It’s about standing against anything that threatens their white, male, conservative Evangelical power and privilege. 

In fact, if white, conservative Evangelical men could get pregnant, abortion would not only be legal, it would be deemed biblical, made easily accessible, and free. Not just that, but probably offered next to the church coffee shop or bookstore in the lobby after Sunday services. 

Don’t be fooled.

If Evangelicals truly cared about abortion, it wouldn’t be a thing. 

But it is, and if they get their way, it will always be.


Grace is brave. Be brave.

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  1. Paul Appleby

    This is the clearest explanation of the abortion issue/political weapon that I have ever read. Anti-abortion is not the good news of Jesus Christ. Compassion for and care for the poor, marginalized, the oppressed, the ones with no place or person to turn to is the Gospel. Coming along side women facing the anguish of whether to terminate their pregnancy is the Gospel not demonizing them. Very thoughtful and insightful, Chris.

    • ckratzer

      Thank you so much, Paul! Sure do appreciate you!

  2. Margaret

    Patriarchy is the true global false religion.
    It’s what the evangelicals have in common with conservative Sunni Muslims.

    • ckratzer

      Margaret, indeed!

  3. Marc Bergeron

    Chris, another no-holds barred thorough exposing of the hypocrisy of the anti-abortion efforts touted by Evangelicals and used as a political weapon. This is a fine complement to your earlier article. Thank you for your continued bravery and grace in your efforts to show “the emperor has no clothes”.

    • ckratzer

      Thanks so much Marc!

  4. Greg

    No, the problem is the sin of both men AND women who are having sex outside the sacred confines of marriage and don’t want to deal with the consequences of that sin.

    Murdering babies is not the answer to the sin of Lust. Controlling your behavior is.

    • Jeanice

      You do realize sometimes a married woman is raped,a child is raped incest, sometimes a womans life is in danger, sometimes a fetus is dead and rotting in the uterus exposing the mother to infection. Men just need to feel powerful and yes they like to keep women in check. I wish you all had to go through just a little on what women endure.

      • Leonard Maurice Ralph

        you take the exception and make the rule. It’s a bad argument. What anti-abo people are really against are the abortions of convenience…..careless w/ birth control, interference with career goals. the exceptional ones need to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  5. Tabitha

    I am sick reading this nonsense. Being a Christian I cannot vote for someone who is for abortion. Period. When abortion is an agenda and a money maker it makes it hard to go away and then why would we find alternatives to abortion when it is the norm? Abortion hurts women….there is NEVER a reason to kill your baby and throw it away like it is trash as a form of birth control!!! And don’t say it isn’t used as a form of birth control….people tell themselves whatever lie makes them feel better about looking the other way because deep down inside….you know its wrong!

  6. Tabitha

    Keeping abortion legal and part of the “norm” will allow it to continue to be used as birth control and continue to put women at risk of serious injury or death. Just because its legal doesn’t mean women still don’t suffer…and it takes away a human life! We need education that doesn’t promote promiscuity…that is an agenda….we need prevention education. Sex is not to be taken so callous and casual. There is a way to stop this madness….but there’s no money in it…its a crazy cycle spiraling downward…I know plenty of people who would adopt in a heartbeat if someone gave birth to a child they didn’t want….and if we outlawed abortion and we were flooded with unwanted children then someone would have to say we have a problem here and find a solution, but I just don’t see how allowing a baby to be pulled apart sucked out and put back together to make sure they got it all because they do it blind without ultrasound guidance….how is murder a better “choice” than giving the gift of life to an innocent human being who had no “choice” of being there….the woman or man made that “choice” by having sex….if you don’t want to go to jail, don’t break the law….if you don’t want a baby then don’t have sex….there are consequences for all of our actions…good and bad….like I said before, there is money to be made from abortion so people won’t stand up and say its wrong, they just look the other way and pretend it doesn’t happen…its safe and rare…they tell themselves whatever lie makes them feel better about looking the other way…but deep down inside you know in your heart its wrong

    • Melody Richardson

      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t even know how abortions are performed, let alone how a woman feels afterward. Check your privilege and stop reading anti-choice propaganda. Lying for Jesus is still lying.

  7. Greg

    This is the biggest bunch of bullshit about Evangelicals that I’ve ever read in my life! Good Lord to try and turn around the Abortion crisis on boys and men. It takes two to tango and how in the hell do expect parents to teach their sons about abstinence when you can’t even turn on a TV or Radio without sex being crammed down their throat every minute of every day. Fortunately both of my boys are virgins which is made fun of today from every spectrum of society. So your opinion in this piece that I just read is total BS!!

  8. Rodney Hildebrand

    While we may agree on some of your points, I don’t believe I’ve ever read a more over-generalizing one-sided article in my life. You speak as if “White male evangelicals” think and move in a group and that group does none of the things you suggest should be done. You are not only incorrect in your assessment on a micro level, but I’m not sure what you expect to see in a macro level. Your hatred of WME blinds you to what is being done and alienates you from those you may agree with. To top it off you never even stated your thoughts on abortion. To be clear, I am a WME who supports Trump for his overall decisions that works to protect our liberties – from less regulation to smaller taxes. Like my God, I hate abortion, but also like Him, I hate all of the hurts that we do to each other. I’ve taught my son and other boys how to treat a female. I think that everyone who breaks the law, including police or government, should pay for their crimes according to the penalties ascribed to them. And I could go on. As I said, I’m a WME and you have judged me without knowing me.

  9. Michael Daniel Berol

    As an evangelical, I find that you write well, but say silly things. Instead of bile, why don’t you show grace?

  10. KEB

    What a relief to read the TRUTH! Thank you for putting down in words what we see, but are told we don’t see. The “pro-life” coalition says that believing as they do is a litmus test for Christianity. But I can remember when the SBC quietly supported abortion. I can remember when the church did not ascribe personhood to a fetus. I can remember when IUDs were widely used for birth control even though they do not prevent fertilization – and nobody cared. The condescension of all-male clergy toward women’s issues in traditional patriarchal churches is older than The Scarlet Letter, and just as corrupt. Fortunately, we now have the emerging option of churches with women in leadership positions, and those churches tend to see the world through much more Christ-like eyes. Let’s hope that trend continues.

  11. Gina

    I honestly believe this is one of your best blog posts ever. I could never understand how MAGA followers don’t see the hypocrisy is themselves.

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